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There are plenty of people who dream of escaping the rat race and having the opportunity to work for themselves. However, they often think that moving to a situation in which you are self-employed is one that is long and complicated. In fact, there are plenty of self-employed jobs that you are able to start very quickly indeed. Here are a few potential ideas that you could utilize.

Delivery Driver

First of all, you could aim to meet the needs of the world in terms of packages by becoming a delivery driver, which remains a highly popular job choice in the modern world. To begin with, when you are looking to pick up shipping work, you will need the right vehicle and licenses before you can bid on your first load.In order to achieve success in this particular field, you are certainly going to need the skills behind the wheel of a van, but you also need plenty of motivation and organizational abilities.


There are plenty of opportunities for people to be tutors in both in both an online and a face-to-face setting. Therefore, you should certainly think about what you have to offer in terms of your abilities and what you can be teaching. For example, you may want to tutor students or school children in a subject that you are particularly skilled in. Alternatively, it may be that you are able to offer fitness or language classes to the growing range of people who are looking to better themselves in one way or another.

Freelance Creative

There are plenty of jobs available in creative fields, and the type of online job board that exists allows you to seek them out quickly. For example, if you have some abilities in graphic design or web development, these are a couple of the potential options that remain in front of you. Alternatively, it could well be the case that you have skills in writing and are able to offer something on either a content writing or a copywriting front. Of course, it is going to take time and persistence in order to build up the client base that you are looking for and command a higher fee as a direct result of this.

Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

At the other end of the scale to the more stressful jobs out there, it could well be the case that you are looking for something that is altogether at the slower pace of life. For those people who simply love animals enough, either becoming a dog walker or a pet sitter could be potential options that you really embrace with both hands.

All of these are potential job opportunities that offer you the freedom and flexibility to work for yourself. Therefore, you should certainly take the time to consider all of them as potential options that you could take on and escape from the usual world of the 9 to 5 that so many are sick of.



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