Pro-life rally exterior Parliament urges MPs to reject abortion as much as start

Pro-life rally exterior Parliament urges MPs to reject abortion as much as start

The queue to see the Queen mendacity in state might stretch 5 miles.(Photo: Getty/iStock)

Hundreds of individuals are anticipated to affix a pro-life rally exterior Parliament as MPs debate the Criminal Justice Bill and radical amendments that suggest decriminalising abortion, even as much as start.

The rally in Parliament Square has been coordinated by pro-life teams who warn that if handed, the amendments may also legalise sex-selective abortions and “depart girls and unborn infants weak to harmful procedures or medicines”.

The teams embrace ADF UK, Christian Concern, Right to Life UK, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), and Voice for Justice UK.

Lois McLatchie Miller, of ADF UK stated, “Late stage abortions carry far larger danger to the psychological and bodily well being of a girl; not to mention, finish the lives of viable, fully-developed infants who might survive exterior the womb if given the possibility to reside.

“A humane society prevents this horrendous trauma. Rather than late-stage abortion, girls and their infants deserve higher care and help to outlive and thrive.”

Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, stated all kids, together with the unborn, “deserve our safety.”

She stated that the modifications would “open the door to abortion for sex-selection and eugenics, placing moms beneath much more stress to abort from companions and household”.

“This is wildly out of step with public opinion and MPs should lastly ship the message to the abortion foyer that it has gone too far,” she stated.

Alithea Williams, of SPUC, stated the amendments represented “the most important risk to unborn infants since 1967”.

“These decriminalisation amendments strip any remaining protections from the unborn, and both the truth is, or de facto, permit abortion as much as start,” she stated.

“This excessive agenda is totally out of step with public opinion, and we’re rallying to make this clear to MPs.

“Over ten million unborn lives have already been misplaced beneath the UK’s abortion legal guidelines. We work in direction of a day when all human life is cherished and guarded, however at present, our message is one that every one affordable folks ought to agree with – no to abortion as much as start.”

Lynda Rose, head of Voice for Justice UK, stated: “A nation that indiscriminately and with out trigger seeks to kill its unborn as much as start is destroying itself. In 2021, 214,869 abortions have been reported in England and Wales – the best quantity since data started. What will that quantity change into if abortion is allowed as much as start?

“With our callous disregard of the proper to life, the United Kingdom is quickly turning into a kingdom of demise. For the long run wellbeing of all, these evil amendments have to be defeated.”


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