In ‘The Big Cigar,’ a Black Panther Stars in a Fake Movie

In ‘The Big Cigar,’ a Black Panther Stars in a Fake Movie

When the film producer Bert Schneider met the Black Panther Party chief Huey P. Newton, he swooned.

Schneider, who had helped revolutionize the film business (and made some huge cash) as a producer of movies like “Easy Rider,” needed to shake up issues off the display screen as effectively. He noticed Newton, who had already achieved a jail stint for the killing of a police officer — Newton denied that he shot the officer, and the conviction was ultimately overturned — as the true deal, a star on the entrance traces of the particular revolution.

Their unlikely partnership is now the center of the brand new restricted sequence “The Big Cigar,” premiering April 17 on Apple TV+. It’s a caper about how Newton (performed by André Holland) fled to Cuba in 1974 after he was arrested and charged with the homicide of a prostitute (additionally a criminal offense he claimed he didn’t commit). Schneider (Alessandro Nivola) ponied up money and logistical help, together with a pretend movie manufacturing, to assist Newton escape.

“Cigar” tells a wild story with shootouts and chases and a few unusual bedfellows: a Black revolutionary on the run and a well-coiffed Hollywood energy participant trying to bankroll him. Even because it takes some liberties with the details, the sequence displays the ties that existed between some counterculture leisure figures and radical organizations of the ’60s and ’70s.

“We didn’t see it as a narrative of Hollywood patting itself on the again,” Jim Hecht, a author and an govt producer, stated in a video interview. “There was a time when individuals truly did put their our bodies on the road and do issues for a trigger that they believed in. They took private dangers to do issues that have been political.”

Based on a 2012 Playboy journal article by Joshuah Bearman, who additionally wrote the article on which one other pretend film caper, “Argo,” was primarily based, “The Big Cigar” recreates an inconceivable slice of underground historical past. In a video interview, Holland (“Moonlight,” “Selma”) recalled his preliminary response upon studying the script: “Really? This truly occurred? Let me go reality examine this.” He did. “Though the story is basically fictionalized, the fundamental parts of it are primarily based in reality,” he stated. “Crazy story.”

Holland’s subsequent concern was to see that Newton, moderately than Schneider, can be the first focus of the sequence.

“I needed to ensure that this wasn’t a white savior story,” Holland stated. “That’s one thing that we mentioned all the best way up till the final episode. There have been allies in Hollywood, individuals who have been supporters of the party. At the identical time, I believe Huey P. Newton deserves a sequence all his personal, and the party deserves its personal sequence.

“Since we don’t have that a lot within the canon concerning the party,” he continued, “I felt like we needed to be cautious that we have been telling a balanced story.”

In monitoring the actions of Newton and Schneider, “The Big Cigar” additionally traces the inception of the Black Panthers, its mission and the relationships amongst its principal members.

Newton and Bobby Seale (performed by Jordane Christie within the sequence) based the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in Oakland in 1966 as a Black Power socialist group devoted to combating police brutality. Best identified in mainstream tradition for brazenly carrying firearms and “policing the police,” the Panthers have been additionally lively of their communities, together with beginning a program to serve breakfast to Oakland faculty kids in 1969. There have been massive egos and personalities within the party, together with Newton, Seale and Eldridge Cleaver (Brenton Allen), who additionally fled the police into exile, in Cuba, Algeria and France, and clashed over the route of the party with Newton. The party’s leaders have been extensively surveilled by the F.B.I., which was decided to carry down the group.

You can discover many vital accounts of the Panthers and of Newton, who was murdered in 1989 by a drug seller in West Oakland, Calif. Much of the information protection of the Panthers throughout their heyday, together with by The New York Times, was notably biased in opposition to the group, and works like “Judas and the Black Messiah” (2021) have targeted on the F.B.I.’s elaborate efforts to disrupt and discredit it. “The Big Cigar” is decidedly pro-Huey, depicting him as a delicate soul pushed to the brink by authorities surveillance, police persecution and subsequent paranoia. This Newton flashes a mood every so often, however total he’s a person of precept, cautious of the Hollywood affect that Schneider represents and keen to die for his absolute perception in revolution.

“When you have a look at the story of Huey Newton, it didn’t finish the best way we’d’ve needed it to finish,” Janine Sherman Barrois, the showrunner and a author and govt producer, stated in a video interview. “And that’s heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking particularly for Huey, who had such a dream of the long run and of revolutionizing and altering issues.”

Don Cheadle, an govt producer on the sequence who additionally directed the primary two episodes, was drawn by what he sees as Newton’s uncompromising nature.

“He stood 10 toes down, as they are saying, for what he believed in, and was keen to go all the best way for it,” Cheadle stated in a video interview. “I believe every time we see that, we’re fascinated by it. It’s compelling and it attracts you in.”

On the opposite facet of the “Big Cigar” equation is Schneider, who died in 2011. He was a part of the New Hollywood pack that steered the movie business towards extra private, counterculture films, producing movies like “Easy Rider,” “Five Easy Pieces,” “The Last Picture Show” and Peter Davis’s Oscar-winning Vietnam War documentary, “Hearts and Minds,” the making of which is a plot level in “The Big Cigar.” BBS Productions, the corporate he ran with the director Bob Rafelson and the producer Stephen Blauner (performed within the sequence by P.J. Byrne), was on the coronary heart of a motion identified for giving filmmakers inventive room to be artists. He and Rafelson additionally made a mint creating the prefab pop group the Monkees and the TV sequence that featured them.

Now he needed to spend a few of that money on one thing extra speedy than one other film. As Nivola’s Schneider tells Huey within the sequence, “I need to finance the revolution.” Then he snorts a line of cocaine, a drug each males have been identified to abuse.

The Panthers had different well-known benefactors, together with Leonard Bernstein and his spouse, Felicia Cohn Montealegre, whose lavish fund-raising party at their Park Avenue duplex in 1970 was immortalized by Tom Wolfe in a New York journal article and within the guide “Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers.” But Schneider went the additional mile for Newton, not solely bankrolling his Cuba escape however bringing celeb associates (comparable to Jack Nicholson and Candice Bergen) to go to him there. Once Newton returned from exile and the prostitute homicide case led to a mistrial, Schneider continued to finance his life-style, together with an house and a automotive.

Nivola’s major analysis supply was the gathering of tapes that Bearman recorded with Schneider in the midst of writing his article. “What began to emerge from these interviews was simply how obsessed Bert was with Huey,” Nivola stated in a video interview. “It was virtually type of spiritual. He talked about him as being the neatest man he’d ever met. He thought that his charisma was simply blinding.”

Countercultural rhetoric was trendy in Hollywood on the time. If Schneider had dabbled in radical causes earlier than assembly Newton, Nivola continued, he turned totally dedicated underneath the Panther chief’s affect: “He turned a type of acolyte and was simply decided to assist him reach each attainable method.”


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