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As has been said for the longest time ever, giving & sharing happiness only increases it multifold and not the other way around. The same notion applies in the business world as well when you donate money to a charity that can benefit your business. Not only is it good for the heart as it blooms with pride when you share a small amount of your wealth with the needy, but it’s also good for fiscal matters. Below are some factors that can help you decipher why donating to charities can help you save the world and save some money on the personal front.  

Charity donations can increase your sales

According to a recent study by the Journal of Consumer Research, corporate social awareness has led consumers to believe that their products are of better quality. Doing good things can lead to good behavior. 

Companies are using checkout donations to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales. Shoppers spend 26% more, and retailers have 29% more deals on returns. In addition, by supporting non-profits, merchants have reduced customer attrition by 67%.

Can donation activities enhance customer loyalty?

Supporting charities, global or local charities, can enhance customer loyalty. According to Echo Research, nearly 47% of consumers worldwide are more loyal to companies that advocate social or environmental causes closer to their hearts. “If a company or seller offers to donate a portion of its profits to a charity that can benefit your business, does it give you an incentive to make a purchase that you may have discussed? 

It says that fifty-three percent of consumers will acknowledge that they are likely to recommend the products and services of such companies. It’s important to note that your philanthropy should resonate with your target audience. By supporting the causes of consumer interest, you can earn consumers’ trust, attention, and respect. 

Support is important in the community where you do business. Example: If you have Green customers-donate to Greenpeace from the sale of all customers. This is a surefire way to build customer loyalty.

Donations can help to motivate your team members

Giving back enhances the brand’s image in the community. It helps people become more aware of your product/service and build a good image in the community. 

Giving back for a good reason is a great way to build an emotional bond with your customers. 66% of consumers agreed to prefer businesses that support charities to businesses that do not. Therefore, giving back will improve the brand’s image and value and help differentiate it from other companies in the market sector. 

Are you having problems with your company’s productivity? Many studies show that employees who are positive about the company are more productive, more motivated, and more committed to the company’s overall goals. 90% of employees working in companies that support non-profits are proud of their employers. 

Donating to charities can encourage your brand reputation

Giving back is a great way to spread your name and raise brand awareness in your community. Companies related to philanthropic views raise brand awareness and improve the community’s reputation. And the reason is as follows. 

Supporting charities is the most credible activity that can make a big difference in your business perception. Consumers consider responsible brands trustworthy and ethical and are more willing to give money to trusted businesses. 

Giving back defines a company’s identity and helps differentiate it from its competitors. Supporting a charity shows an interest in the brand’s dedication and legitimate purpose. When a company donates for a legitimate purpose, it enhances its image in the eyes of consumers, partners, and the community.

Donations will help as they are Tax-Deductible

If you donate to a non-profit or other charity, the amount you donate is tax-deductible. In other words, you can get a tax credit. Such costs can lower your tax and reduce your taxable income. However, you need to follow some steps to deduct a charitable donation. 

  • Donate to a qualified organization 
  • Donate money or property 
  • List tax credits for claiming charity 
  • Maintain a bank statement or other document from your organization that shows your organization’s name, date, and amount of donations 

In addition to the donated money, you are also eligible for tax deductions. Event fees, parking fees, and the amount of money you spend on a trip to a charity can all reduce your tax burden.


Gift Aid’s tax incentives, available to UK taxpayers since 1990, could be another positive aspect of supporting charity. It creates a triple win situation, how charity can benefit your business and customers, a charity to charge an additional 25%, and a chance to get a tax deduction when a buyer donates to a charity (for higher taxpayers).



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