Can a white individual be a sufferer of racism?

Can a white individual be a sufferer of racism?

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It appears such a trivial story. The sort of story that solely essentially the most vacuous gossip tabloids could be excited by. A well-known footballer allegedly will get drunk, throws up behind a cab, the police are referred to as, and the footballer allegedly abuses an officer. Now the Chelsea footballer has been charged with ‘racially aggravated harassment’ of a police officer in London. What’s the large deal? And why ought to we care about any of it?

The footballer in query is the Australian ladies’s captain, Sam Kerr. She is a little bit of a hero in her personal nation and one of the vital well-known feminine footballers on the earth. The alleged incident occurred in January 2023 however has solely come to gentle up to now week, because of the Sun newspaper reporting it.

At first some individuals right here in Australia had been horrified – might our celebrity be racist? That have to be inconceivable – she is a girl! She is homosexual! She is a girl of color! And she has impeccable progressive views – not less than in public! But has she turned out to be a closet racist?

Then got here the information about what it’s she is meant to have mentioned to the officer – allegedly “silly white b******”. It wasn’t only a sense of aid, it was nearly hysterical pleasure that erupted on social media. Suddenly the phrase was getting used in every single place with footage of white male politicians being hooked up to it.

And therein lies the seriousness of what’s an in any other case foolish and trivial story. It demonstrates the contradictions, inconsistencies and confusion inside our tradition brought on by identification politics – particularly identification politics fuelled by essential race idea. Because in essential race idea, white individuals are all the time racist and may by no means be the victims of racism. Those of us simpletons who simply understood racism as discriminating towards somebody due to their race or pores and skin color are method behind the curve on this.

As the Guardian, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and quite a few on-line commentators instructed us, “to name somebody ‘white’ can’t be racist” since you can’t be racist towards white individuals. Apparently to accuse somebody of racism who assaults one other due to their white pores and skin color is to ‘gaslight’ the actual victims of racism. The Guardian is fearful that our doctrine of racism will not be pure sufficient: “Racism is not the ideology that accompanies racial capitalist techniques of colonialism, slavery and imperialism; it turns into a matter of particular person morality.”

So, there you’ve it. Racism wasn’t actually about particular person morality. It all has to do with capitalism, colonialism, slavery and imperialism, which clearly are issues that white individuals alone do. The progressives have drunk so deep on the effectively of essential race ideology that they appear unaware of the historical past of the human race. Red and yellow, black and white, might all be valuable in Jesus’ sight, however we even have all at a while or different engaged in slavery, imperialism and colonialism. I’ve even met some Chinese, African and Arab capitalists!

The time period slave comes from the white Slavs as a result of so lots of them had been taken into slavery by Arab and African merchants. No race or nation might be free from the cost of slavery. But there is just one Empire which removed it at nice value and that was the British Empire whose conscience had been stirred by Christianity.

The transatlantic slave commerce was horrific – and is rightly to be repented of – however equally we should notice the position that the British performed in eliminating slavery in lots of international locations of the world. Kerr’s personal nation, Australia, has by no means had slavery – regardless of it being a kind of capitalist, imperialist colonies. Dare I recommend that this was as a result of it was a kind of capitalist imperialist colonies?

Nonetheless, in line with the crypto-Marxist essential race idea which has contaminated the higher echelons of our society, profitable individuals of color like Prime Minister Rishi Sunak or Business and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch are simply disregarded as ‘Uncle Toms’ and instruments within the fingers of the white oppressors.

Another instance of this ‘doublethink’ comes from a case in south Australia a few lady accused of verbally attacking somebody as a result of they had been white. The judge dominated that being white per se was not descriptive of any specific ethnic, nationwide or racial group and was not a time period of abuse as a result of white individuals are the dominant individuals traditionally and culturally inside Australia and had been subsequently not in any sense an oppressed group.

Just assume how inane that comment is and what it will imply if taken to its logical conclusion (though logic does appear to have disappeared from a lot of contemporary society – in all probability as a result of it’s seen as a device of Western colonialism!). Black, brown and yellow pores and skin colors are all indicative of race however white, it appears, is not – though there’s apparently nonetheless a white race which oppresses individuals. Go determine.

Although white individuals are apparently not an ethnic, nationwide or racial group, they’re nonetheless the dominant tradition in Australia the place 90.2 per cent of the inhabitants are white so in line with this logic they can’t be oppressed. Try telling that to the white working class poor. And does this imply that if I am going to a rustic like Nigeria or China that it can’t be racist if I take advantage of racial slurs towards the bulk black or Chinese inhabitants as a result of they’re dominant?

Despite all the idea and the jargon there’s a double normal at play right here. Let’s return to Kerr’s alleged abuse and simply substitute the phrase ‘white’ in “silly white b******” to ‘black’ after which think about how the Guardian, Chelsea and the BBC would have dealt with it. This suggests there’s one way or the other a ‘proper’ sort of racism.

Another current incident in London is additional proof of simply how far down the rabbit gap our society has gone on this craziness when a West End theatre determined to host black-only nights. Black American playwright Jeremy O’Harris instructed the BBC this was in order that black individuals might “really feel secure” within the theatre.

Imagine if I had been a playwright and advocated that solely white individuals could be allowed into my theatre on sure nights! The Prime Minister’s workplace was proper to say that “clearly proscribing audiences on the idea of race could be unsuitable and divisive”.

In this courageous new world, the place pores and skin color trumps every thing, we’re merely magnifying racism, growing division by race, and reinventing apartheid after we undertake this insane ideology.

The Church ought to be capable to present the reply for this however, sadly, a lot of the Church has additionally swallowed wholesale the essential race idea doctrines. The Church of England for instance is simply dashing its inevitable oblivion by spending a lot of cash on hiring ‘deconstructing whiteness’ employees!

There is a biblical reply to all this and it is easy.There is just one race – the human race. To discriminate on the idea of color is clearly a sin. To divide the physique of Christ on that foundation is worse as a result of it negates the witness of the Church. It is within the true church that you just see the true unity of humanity – the place all of the obstacles are damaged down and we’re all ‘one in Christ Jesus’ (Galatians 3:28).

I as soon as stood at my church door and famous that we had an African, Chinese, Indian and a European on door responsibility. It wasn’t deliberate or rostered that method, it simply occurred and I used to be so grateful as a result of whereas the world talks about who is actually black, an individual of color, or a racist, the Church of Jesus Christ in lots of elements of the world simply will get on with creating that multitude that nobody can rely – from each nation, tribe, individuals and language (Revelation 7:9).

David Robertson is the minister of Scots Kirk Presbyterian Church in Newcastle, New South Wales. He blogs at The Wee Flea.



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