3 Simple DIY Tools To Create Your Own Affordable Social Videos

3 Simple DIY Tools To Create Your Own Affordable Social Videos
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When you want to start promoting your business online, it’s always a good idea to produce high-quality videos. But not every business that wants to promote itself online needs to have videos created by high-end production companies or hefty ad budgets, so if you’re looking for an alternative route, consider making some videos yourself! We explain all of the great things about video and why you should incorporate video into your marketing campaign.

Why Video Marketing?

People like to watch things on the Internet. Videos are no exception! If you haven’t incorporated videos into your marketing strategy, you should consider it. Videos are incredibly versatile, depending on where you post them. They can be used to engage your audiences differently from static imagery. For example, one video posted on Facebook will also play automatically on other social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. A video placed in the same spot across all these platforms can give your viewers more bang for their buck.

Audiences could consume content on the move, which is great because they can relate to your brand in situations where they might not be able to if you were confined to text or plain imagery. You can create videos by combining photos, graphics, or numbers and turning them into quirky GIFs that audiences are sure to like. Plus, it’s so easy to grab a few seconds of video from existing YouTube footage and overlay your branding atop the clip. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating awesome videos. 

Why incorporate Social Video?

Get People’s Attention

Don’t underestimate the power of social video. Social video is a great tool to hold your audience’s attention. Unlike a paragraph, it is very easy to consume. We are guilty of scrolling through our social media feeds, and only the most compelling content gets our attention. Social media success lies in your ability to condense information down into short snippets of content that leave viewers wanting more.


What’s the #1 mistake made by people who run into problems while trying to grow their social media channels? Making videos that aren’t keywords friendly. And this is a huge mistake. Besides, they are still relevant in today’s world! Social media has become an integral part of our lives, which means social video producers need to have a presence if they want to be found. After all, you’ve already got your gripping content – but how do you keep it relevant? Make sure you create headlines and descriptions for your video so it registers in searches whilst complementing these with relevant hashtags.

Drive Conversions

No matter which social media platform you are posting through, it is vital that the request for action in your videos be specific. Because videos are an engaging way of connecting with your customers and brand enthusiasts. Make sure to post about things that will inspire customer interaction – for example, news about new products or promotions you’re running. Videos with call-to-action tags will create connections between your fans in ways that other social media posts often can’t.

Make Affordable Social Videos with These Three Easy Tools

Have you ever wanted to create high-quality social videos for blogs, social media and more? This article will show you how to create your DIY social videos. Read more here.

Grab a SmartPhone

The smartphone market is growing bigger than we could have ever imagined at this point. Nearly 1 billion users are consuming social media content on a mobile app! Smartphones are everywhere today, and they’re one of the next best ways that people consume their social media content. You may think, “How is this ironic?” It’s only because those who produce video typically do so on a computer – or maybe even a laptop! So it makes total sense that you’ll be using your smartphone to create videos.


As you’re planning your next campaign, consider using a good tripod or monopod to ensure you can shoot from any perspective without worrying about instability. Of course, more stability means less time editing out unwanted blips and wobbles too! 


Using the inbuilt microphone of your smartphone isn’t always the optimal choice. And video recordings tend to sound thin and lack clarity when recorded using a smartphone’s microphone. But investing in a device which records audio directly into the camera will give you much better clarity in your videos.

Video Editor

It may seem intimidating to make a video, but you can quickly create something that looks professional with the right Video Editor. Whether it’s a tutorial, a presentation or even an ad, these Video Maker Online save you the hassle of starting from scratch each time you want to create something for your business. It is unavoidable if you are starting and lack the resources to produce movies that truly stand out. Aside from being cost-effective, a Video Maker Online may significantly improve your productivity.

Animated Templates

If you want to sound authoritative but can’t give an audio presentation, animated videos are where it’s at. They allow you to share your expertise in a way that’s accessible to all of your recipients. On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of a camera or need a technical break from presenting, animated templates are a good way to fill some significant gaps. With their ability to grow or shrink within the template frame depending on the amount of information contained within them, (animated templates) have many uses, including sketching out plans for upcoming presentations or breaking down complicated processes into smaller bites, so they’re easier to swallow.


When it comes to videos, there is a lot of pressure to be perfect and make it look like you have a huge budget, but the fact is that you can make a great-looking video with very little money. If you want to know more about creating your videos, read our article on 3 Simple DIY Tools to Create Your Own Affordable Social Videos and start making your videos today!



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