3 Reasons to Go into a Career in Astrophysics

3 Reasons to Go into a Career in Astrophysics

How many times have you stood gazing at the night sky above you, looking at all those twinkling stars and wondering if Earth was really the only inhabited planet in the universe? Are there other sentient beings like us? Furthermore, what is out there that can tell us about our origins and what there is still unknown about all that matter floating through space? 

With all the focus on global warming and a concern for our continued existence, maybe there is a clue yet to be discovered that will give us the answers we need. If for no other reason, the survival of planet Earth should be at the top of the list of reasons to go into a career in astrophysics.

1. Synergistic Interactions with Other Sciences

It only takes a few moments of browsing through the online authoritative source on the space ecosystem to indicate all the ways in which other sciences are impacted by the study of astrophysics. Look at the drop-down menu on The Space Report homepage to get a glimpse into all the areas of our lives impacted by the study of space. 

You will see health, education, infrastructure, the economy and so much more. It is almost incomprehensible how relatively few research astronomers there are in the world when you stop to consider how astrophysics impacts literally every aspect of life as we know it.

2. Better Opportunities for International Collaboration

Oddly, mainstream news is still going on about the race between nations trying to colonize the moon or setting foot on Mars first. While that may be a reality, what you aren’t being told is all the international collaboration that is going on behind the scenes. Many of the leading world economies are working together to better understand such things as how space affects our weather patterns.

They are also trying to take a closer look at the various minerals floating around up there which may be of significant use in today’s technology. The study of astrophysics will put you front and center on the stage of international collaboration. That’s a career to be prized in today’s economy.

3. Aiding in the Search for Alternative Fuel Sources

Speaking of the search for alternative fuel sources and previously unknown sources of fossil fuels, many of the world’s largest energy corporations are using images taken from space seeking a deeper look into the earth’s core. Both the American branch of BP and Texaco have used image processing in petroleum research. Technological advances out of SAIC, a San Diego corporation made it possible to build radiation collectors, many of which measured at least 16 meters in diameter. Satellites orbiting the earth are using remote sensing to diagnose a huge number of ecologically important factors being impacted by global warming, such as the speed at which ice packs are melting in the Arctic. You would be amazed at just how many reasons there are to start a career in astrophysics and if ever there was a career with greater promise, it probably hasn’t been found yet.



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