Why Confessions Should Be Made Before Priests and Not Icons

Near Delphi within the village of Kirra, the famend Orthodox preacher Demetrios Panagopoulos was preaching in a church whereas the parish priest was listening to confessions. That December night time, the priest instructed the preacher how a grandmother in her 80’s or 90’s got here to him for confession earlier for the primary time in her life. She instructed the priest that for the previous 55 years or so, earlier than she communed, she would stroll down a path from her home to the church, the place close by there was a secluded little chapel devoted to the Honorable Forerunner John the Baptist, and there ought to would mild the oil lamps.

This girl, earlier than communing throughout the liturgy, stood earlier than the icon of the Honorable Forerunner within the chapel, and speaking to him, stated: “My Master John, you realize what I’ve performed. Forgive me so I can go and commune.” By “what I’ve performed,” she was referring to the lighting of his lamps in his chapel. This is what she would do each time she communed for round 55 years.

One day, she went to the chapel earlier than liturgy and confessed once more earlier than her Master John, particularly the icon of the Honorable Forerunner, earlier than she obtained communion. However, this time, she received a response from the Holy Baptist.

As she repeated the phrases of her confession, she immediately noticed two palms emerge from the icon, seize her by the top, and the Honorable Forerunner stated to her: “I’m exhausted from listening to you for 55 years. Did our Christ ship me to hearken to confessions and forgive sins, or did he ship the clergymen? Are there not clergymen at Hosios Loukas [the famous monastery which is nearby]?” When the grandmother heard this, she fell to the bottom in shock.

The grandmother had been away for a very long time, and her household was anxious. Her two grandchildren seemed throughout, and couldn’t discover her. They then adopted the trail to the secluded chapel, and inside discovered their grandmother fallen on the ground, and her face discolored out of fright. They carried their grandmother again residence, and sat her in entrance of the hearth. When she totally recovered, she instructed them how for the previous 55 years she would go to the chapel and lightweight the lamps, then confess to the Honorable Forerunner. However, this time, the Honorable Forerunner grabbed her head and instructed her to cease doing it. Bruises on her cheeks may very well be seen from the incident.

After this incident, the grandmother was sick for about two or three months, till the preacher Demetrios Panagopoulos went to the village to evangelise within the church in the course of December. This is when she went to church and confessed for the primary time in her life and recounted her expertise to the priest.

Below is a video of Demetrios Panagopoulos recounting this story lower than per week after it occurred.


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