What is it Like Living in Mayapur? | ISKCON News

What is it Like Living in Mayapur? | ISKCON News

Once, a buddy requested me how it’s to dwell in Mayapur. I answered that it is rather like dwelling beside a door that goes to the non secular world. If we’re attentive, we will pay attention to what’s occurring on the opposite facet. We generally see different devotees crossing the door, and we hope our time to cross may even come.

Many devotees are interested in dwelling in Mayapur, Vrndavana, and Jagganatha Puri, and that’s as a result of not solely non secular observe is certainly simpler in these locations. But it is usually simpler to seek out good affiliation amongst like-minded devotees. Problems are at all times there, in fact, however one who is correctly tuned into the non secular frequency has all the appropriate instruments to surpass them.

Holy locations like Vrindavana and Mayapur are locations the place the fact of the fabric world and the non secular world join. In the Brihad Bhagavatamrta, it’s talked about that this connection exists eternally. Even through the nights of Lord Brahma, when every little thing within the decrease and intermediate planetary programs is destroyed, Mayapur, Vrindavana, and Jagganatha Puri stay, and one who’s honest can take shelter in these locations.

Srila Prabhupada explains that simply because the holy names will not be completely different from Krsna, the holy locations are additionally not completely different from Krsna. Because Krsna is absolute, His identify, in addition to His abode, His paraphernalia, and so forth, are of the identical non secular high quality and are finally non-different from Him. Just like once we chant, we’re straight with Krsna; once we dwell in a holy place, we’re additionally straight dwelling with Him. At this level, the one factor limiting our affiliation with Him is our personal materials contamination. As it steadily turns into purified by non secular observe, we steadily have a greater understanding of the holy dhama.

Srila Jagannatha Dasa Babaji as soon as stated that even an odd one that involves dwell in a holy place with out understanding its significance steadily turns into pious simply by respiration the air, ingesting the water, and consuming the greens grown there. So likewise, simply as one who goes to a radioactive web site is affected by the radiation, even with out understanding the way it works, anybody who visits a holy place is affected by it, even with out understanding its efficiency.

Centuries in the past, Lord Nityanada predicted {that a} fantastic temple (Adbhuta Mandira) can be erected in Mayapur. From this temple, the service to Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu would unfold worldwide. Some consider the temple talked about is the ToVP, whereas others consider it’s the Yoga Pitha. Still, no matter one’s opinion is, the sensible impact is similar: by visiting Mayapur and associating with devotees, individuals will study devotional service and steadily unfold it of their cities and villages. Millions of persons are coming yearly, and this quantity ought to develop after the opening of the brand new temple. We shouldn’t ignore the impact this could have on the world.

It is talked about that devotional service accomplished in holy locations awards outcomes a lot quicker than the identical service accomplished in every other place, and that is very true for Ajnata-sukriti, unintended devotional service accomplished by harmless individuals with out full information. One could go to Mayapur to see the temple and even simply out of curiosity. Still, by doing so, one will get nice profit.

Just as sinful actions imperceptibly change our consciousness, main us to steadily turn out to be extra degraded, devotional service acts imperceptibly on the other facet, bringing an individual to do extra devotional service and thus steadily change his life. In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krsna says that he provides remembrance and forgetfulness. Hearing that, one might query why Krsna doesn’t simply give everybody remembrance of their everlasting place as souls and intelligence to allow them to return to Godhead. The reply is that we don’t need it, so Krsna respects our free will. Desire should come first. By visiting a holy place and associating with devotees there, a soul will get this seed of want for non secular life. As a solution for it, Krsna provides him progressively extra possibilities to observe and alter his life. Everything begins with the affiliation of devotees, and the holy dhama is the place the place such affiliation is extra actually out there.

There is, nevertheless, additionally a adverse facet of holy locations, and that is the truth that simply as non secular actions are amplified, offenses to devotees and to the dhama itself and sinful actions willingly carried out are additionally amplified. So this could deliver us slightly warning about what we do there.

Being the marginal power of Krsna, we will select between being beneath the inner efficiency of Krsna, Yoga-Maya, or beneath the fabric efficiency, Maha-Maya. Every second we make this selection, selecting between chanting our rounds or sleeping extra, cooking prasadam or consuming junk meals from the grocery store, going to the temple or a nightclub, and so forth. As we make decisions, our consciousness turns into tuned to one of many two frequencies.

It’s necessary to grasp that simply as holy locations are locals the place the non secular frequency is stronger, these are additionally locations the place the fabric frequency can also be amplified. As a consequence, every little thing turns into extra intense, and the selection a soul has to make between the non secular and materials energies turns into much more evident.
It’s like being beside two concurrent radio antennas, every broadcasting at a distinct frequency. The sign of the non secular station is stronger, however the sign of the fabric station is equally distinguished. We can see that many devotees blossom whereas staying there, whereas others really feel very disturbed. Since every little thing is amplified, the distinction is bigger than elsewhere.

This actuality explains why on the similar time, there are such a lot of pure devotees dwelling within the holy locations, there are additionally lots of less-than-ideal issues occurring. People go to take shelter in holy locations, however not all of them tune in to the non secular frequency. Persons who make the unsuitable selection could turn out to be much more materialistic than individuals dwelling elsewhere. It’s stated that one who commits sins in a holy place takes his subsequent beginning as a decrease animal, resembling a canine, hog, or monkey there. After struggling for a while on this method, he will get the chance of going again to Godhead. This is, in fact, a path not really useful by our acaryas. Still, it illustrates the efficiency of the holy locations.

Caitanya Chandra Das joined the motion in 1992 in Brazil. After distributing books for a number of years, he now resides in Mayapur together with his household. You can go to his web site here or be a part of his Telegram group here.



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