‘What Is a Woman?’ Delivers Shocking, Subversive Truths About the Culture

Most partisan documentaries let like-minded of us have their say. Or, they offer opponents an opportunity to talk however with little display time to get the job carried out.

“What Is a Woman?” turns that dynamic on its head.

The movie follows Daily Wire podcaster and creator Matt Walsh as he asks certainly one of society’s simplest questions, one abruptly fraught with cultural issues.

Even the latest Supreme Court justice obtained tripped up over it. But why?

To discover the reply, Walsh travels throughout the globe asking trans activists and feminists alike that titular query.

Most can’t give a solution or refuse to contemplate it. They stumble, and stammer, earlier than altering the subject or ending the dialog.

Those responses communicate volumes, after all.

Walsh famously disdains the transgender motion. He’s a Christian conservative with little time for gender derivations. He nonetheless approaches the topic in a impartial style for a lot of the documentary.

No snark. No lectures or finger wagging. Just calm, affordable questioning. The solutions, after they lastly arrive, will be startling.

Director Justin Folk (“No Safe Spaces”) retains the tone jaunty, even darkly comedian. Walsh lacks the charisma of a born entertainer, so Folk frames him in a distinct mild. He’s the Everyman, somebody keen to ask the questions most received’t utter.

It’s a clever method. It additionally heightens the stakes in play. And sure, there are appreciable stakes afoot from a cultural perspective.

Some received’t settle for the documentary’s premise at face worth. Others will rage at Walsh’s staid demeanor, understanding the true emotions lurking beneath his mild-mannered fashion.

What we must always all agree on is straightforward.

It can’t be off bounds to dig deeper into the trans dialog. Our youngsters are in play, for starters. The movie aggressively pursues this angle, and we see specialists giddy at serving to younger youngsters start their “transition.”

A section on trans sports activities lets two feminine athletes criticize Lia Thomas, the University of Pennsylvania swimmer who transitioned to feminine and now dominates the sphere.

One fellow athlete seems on display to share her frustrations at dropping out to a organic male figuring out as feminine.

“I missed out on so much throughout my high school career,” she laments.

Another is seen within the shadows, her voice modified to defend her identification.

“If you speak up about it … your life will be over in some way,” she says. Defy the trans groupthink and face profound penalties.

Just ask creator J.Okay. Rowling, some of the canceled celebrities in Western tradition.

Debra Soh, creator of “The End of Gender,” shares how she fled academia when she realized college analysis is commonly compromised in areas like trans points. She stated you need to pre-determine what your research will reveal “so you don’t upset activists.”

Is that any solution to run a college, not to mention discover the reality? Of course not. So why can’t we discuss it?

Walsh’s journey to a girls’s march is especially enlightening. Of course nobody on digital camera can say what a lady is, resulting in extra unintentional laughs.

Walsh is bumped, referred to as an expletive, shouted down and handled like a supervillain. Yet he’s well mannered, doesn’t elevate his voice and retains his tone docile.

The “a**hole” chant meant to chase him away isn’t so type.

“What Is a Woman?” veers into black comedy on a number of events, however not by alternative. Walsh’s long-ranging interview with a gender research professor finds the star drilling down on a primary precept.


“When you use that terminology you’re being malignant and harmful,” the professor says. One therapist asks, with a straight face, “whose truth are we talking about?”

Welcome to 2022.

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Democratic Rep. Mark Takano of California patiently solutions a few of Walsh’s queries earlier than abruptly ending the interview. I simply needed to know what a lady is, Walsh says to the fleeing congressman.

“And you’re not gonna find out,” an off-screen voice barks, presumably a part of Takano’s press crew. Imagine considering that’s a burn, not an admission of some type.

What’s lingers in regards to the compulsively watchable movie is that Americans are scared of talking on the topic for concern of claiming the mistaken factor. It results in silence, befuddled appears to be like and abject concern.

It’s woke, Cancel Culture and societal groupthink all rolled into one oppressive, anti-American stew.

And how can self-described feminists fall asleep at evening understanding they will’t outline what a lady truly is?

At instances, “What Is a Woman?” carries a Michael Moore-like motif, or so it could seem. We find out about “Johnny the Walrus,” Walsh’s best-selling ebook a couple of lad who’s satisfied he’s a long-toothed critter.

Except the documentary reveals how a significant bookseller took the tome off the cabinets.

More consequentially, we watch Walsh’s look on “The Dr. Phil Show” debating trans people. The episode in query, which allowed a free move of concepts with out anybody storming off, obtained yanked by each CBS and Hulu.

Shut up. Accept the brand new narrative. And, should you didn’t hear us the primary time, we stated, ‘shut up.’

The movie might use some laborious information, together with extra specialists, to again up Walsh’s arguments. Even extra crucial? Empathy for individuals who imagine with all of their hearts they ended up within the mistaken physique.

That issues.

It doesn’t matter the place viewers stand on the problems explored in “What Is a Woman?” If we will’t speak in regards to the topics, if simply doing so places us at some form of threat, that’s an issue.

HiT or Miss: “What Is a Woman?” will set off a substantial a part of the viewing viewers. That alone is motive sufficient to observe this well packaged editorial.



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