Wealth or Poverty?

When we consider wealth and poverty a lot appears to hinge on whether or not we dwell in a mentality of shortage; or a consciousness of abundance, that there’s sufficient on this planet for everybody.

Gandhi as soon as stated that the world has sufficient for everybody’s want, however not sufficient for everybody’s greed. It appears so true… But why is that? Why does that appear to resonate as true?

Is there some form of Super Consciousness on the market that’s (or maybe, Who is…) maintaining monitor? Or calculating whether or not I’m consuming an excessive amount of power, taking over an excessive amount of house, hoarding possessions or property, or even perhaps consuming an excessive amount of ice cream?

Does it actually matter? If I come by what I’ve truthfully, if I’m not stealing the possessions I’ve acquired, if I’m not harming anybody by having fun with the issues I’ve, does it actually matter if I dwell in an even bigger home than another person, or drive a costlier automotive, or take lavish holidays, or eat what I please?

There’s one other saying that’s usually attributed to Gandhi, however was truly spoken by an American lady saint named St. Elizabeth Seton. She stated that we must always dwell merely, in order that others could merely dwell.

There appears to be a resonance between those that attempt to face inward each from the East and the West.

Those who attempt to dwell a extra acutely aware life, really feel an interconnectivity, and connection between our particular person lives and the lives of others on this planet.

Is it potential to create extra common concord by our acutely aware proactive efforts to take much less, and provides extra? Can we even acquire some innate satisfaction by simply making an attempt to dwell extra merely in gratitude, and endeavoring to dwell with much less greed and accumulation?

We learn a lot concerning the earth’s ecological imbalance on account of an excessive amount of drilling of oil, irresponsible water use and over-production by numerous industries. We’ve seen throughout this Covid pandemic that when factories shut down for a while, the air high quality in polluted cities grew to become clear for awhile, and beforehand unseen wildlife and vegetation started to roam freely and develop lavishly as soon as once more simply by a slight discount of our human footprint.

Wealth or Poverty? Reflections by Rukmini Walker

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If we once more flip east and look towards the traditional knowledge of the Upanisads, we will hear a voice that sounds amazingly prescient to us in our lives proper now. Sri Isopanisad speaks this holistic harmonious knowledge in its Mantra One:
“Everything animate or inanimate that’s inside the universe is managed and owned by the Lord. One ought to subsequently settle for solely these issues vital for oneself, that are put aside as one’s quota, and one shouldn’t settle for different issues, figuring out nicely to whom they belong.”

Who is the actual proprietor and controller of all issues? If I come right here empty-handed and depart empty-handed, is there somebody or one thing higher than me who possessed all issues earlier than I arrived on the scene and for all eternity?

During the peak of the pandemic, I learn a narrative written by a Portuguese lady who had tragically misplaced her father to Covid. She wrote about how her father had been a billionaire and had immense wealth within the financial institution. But as he was dying, and gasping for air, which is free to everybody in all places. His billions within the financial institution couldn’t save him… Can any of us buy just a few extra moments of life, or just a few extra breaths of oxygen with the cash we’ve within the financial institution?

Sri Isopanisad asks us to redirect our consciousness and our power towards a lifetime of simplicity and gratitude.

In reality, if I take greater than I want, with out recognizing the true proprietor of a factor, is it actually mine to make use of or misuse as I please? Who is the true proprietor of the earth, the water, and all issues of this world earlier than I arrived right here, and after I’m gone?

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