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Jonathan Hickman’s Marvel Comics epic started through the “Dark Reign” occasion in 2009, when Norman Osborn was king of the world and superheroes have been pushed underground. The author’s first ongoing collection was “Secret Warriors,” about Nick Fury assembling a staff of younger heroes for covert ops. He then took on “Fantastic Four” and “Ultimates,” infusing the latter title with a much-needed increase.

In 2012, he began a brand new story unfold throughout two ongoing titles: “Avengers” and “New Avengers.” In the previous, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers resolve to broaden the roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, constructing an “Avengers World” to fight cosmic threats. However, that is all Stark’s distraction from the actual menace. In “New Avengers,” the Illuminati uncover the multiverse is collapsing; throughout occasions referred to as Incursions, two parallel Earths collide, taking each universes with them. The battle, in a nutshell, is superheroes vs. common entropy.

Even within the crossover occasions, there are two strains: “Infinity” has the Avengers go off into house to struggle the “Builders”, the universe’s first sentient race. The Illuminati, in the meantime, keep on Earth when Thanos invades. The epic culminates within the 9-part “Secret Wars,” which tore down and rebuilt the Marvel universe.

It’s an impressive story, one nearly as good as serialized superhero comics get and which no movie can do justice. The story’s scope grew to embody your complete Marvel Universe — and never simply Earth-616. Even with such a large canvas, Hickman did have to select his favorites. Drawing on his historical past with the Fantastic Four, he turns Reed Richards and Doctor Doom into his centerpieces; the ultimate conflict in “Secret Wars” in the end comes all the way down to them.

However, the rivalry between T’Challa and Namor over deal with the incoming apocalypse can be a distinguished thread. 



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