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Traveling to a different nation is totally attention-grabbing for vacationers to discover the brand new issues. However, it perhaps turns into a nightmare for you when touring to the nation that has distinctive language as Cambodia, its official language is Khmer. Experts from Travel Sense Asia will introduce you important Cambodian phrases which are helpful in your journey to Cambodia

Although residents in some tourism cities in Cambodia reminiscent of Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and so on can converse a little bit English, the variety of folks is sort of restricted or their English is definitely not adequate to speak nicely. So it might be simpler if you know the way to talk few easy phrases of Khmer language.

Cambodian phrases for greeting and necessities

The greeting could be very simple so that you can study shortly, greeting in Khmer exhibits your respect to Cambodian language and might heat native folks’s hearts; it may be a begin of a greater deal when going procuring. However, the best greeting to every sort of communication shouldn’t be simple and for those who mistake, you might be stated to be rude.

  • Hello (formal): Chom Reap Sour (jum-reap-SOUR).

This is the formal manner you may say good day with the elders and other people within the increased class reminiscent of an uncle, aunt and so forth. When saying good day, it’s best to raise your arms collectively and decrease your head to point out your respect to them.

  • Hello (casual): Suasdey (Soos-a- DAY)

In distinction, Suasdey is utilized in almost each case; the folks typically it in day by day life when assembly buddies or folks in the identical age.

  • Good morning: Arun suasdey (Arun Soos-a- DAY)
  • Good afternoon: Tiveah suasdey (Tiveah Soos-a- DAY)
  • Good night: Sayoanh suasdey (Sei – ON Soos-a- DAY)
  • Goodbye (formal): Chom Reap Lear (Jom-reep-LEAR)

Like saying Hello, ‘Chom Reap Lear’ is used to point out respect to the communicators. When you goodbye in an off-the-cuff manner, it’s best to throw a smile collectively.

  • Goodbye (generally used): Soum Lea Heuy (Soum Lee-HI)

When you wish to wave goodbye with buddies on the identical age, you may say ‘Soum Lea Heuy’ naturally. This will present that you’re very pleasant and beautiful.

  • Thank you:  Arkun (Ar-KOON)
  • Sorry/Excuse me: Soum Toh (Som-TOE)

Cambodian phrases for course and standard locations

On the journey to Cambodia, you would drop within the case when you’re missed otherwise you take a  tuk-tuk to go across the metropolis; nevertheless, the native resident there simply speaks Khmer. Wow, it’s a large drawback for those who didn’t the widespread phrases to speak with them. Therefore, we’ll give the most typical phrases associated to instructions and the locations that you’d meet a lot in your journey.

  • Turn left: Baht schweng (bart-SHWENG)
  • Turn proper: Baht Saddam (bart-SDAM)
  • Stop: Baht Chhob (baht – CHOP)
  • Go straight: towmoukh trang (To – moke – th – RONG)
  • Hotel: Santhakar (San – tha – KEA)
  • Embassy: Sthantout (S – than – TO)

In case you might be missed or lose the personally recognized paper, you may ask the native folks in regards to the location of your nation’s embassy and go there to be helped within the authorized half.

  • Bank: Thneakear ( Th –nea – KEA)
  • Pharmacy: Aosathasthan (Or soth s’THAN)

When touring to a different nation wherein climate is unfamiliar to yours, you may have an issue with the respiratory issues or a digestive order can occur with you in your journey, on this case, a little bit Khmer could be very helpful so that you can tackle the issues.  

  • Market: Tiphsaear (Thik – SOUR)
  • Restaurant: Phochniyodthan (Puo ja nee than)

Cambodian phrases for emergency

No one hopes that any emergent case can occur to you however it’s completely in a position to seem in your journey. Knowing a little bit Khmer shouldn’t be too troublesome for you however it might develop into a helpful help serving to you escape from the emergency case.

  • Help me!: Chuoy​ khnhom​ phang (Chuoy khnyum PHANG)
  • Stop!: chhob (Ch’hob)
  • Fire!: Phleung Chheh (Phleung ch’heh)
  • Call the police: Chuoy hau bolisa mok

Phrases for consuming out

Exploring the delicacies of an odd nation is the favored factor vacationers steadily select to expertise the tradition of a nation; nevertheless, within the non-native English talking nations like Cambodia, you may meet some difficulties when consuming out in native restaurant or eat road meals as a result of talking English shouldn’t be the energy for some eating places or native distributors. Some widespread phrases within the Khmer language may be important for you.

Delicious: chhngang (Ch – NANG)

Just reward however it could encourage the waiter to serve sooner and have a superb angle once they serve you.

  • Spicy:  heur (heu r)
  • I’m a vegetarian: khnhom chea anakbuos (kh – NOM – chea – nag – BOO)

Almost eating places in Cambodia give you the menu for dishes together with in meat even salad; subsequently, it’s best to discover to them that you’re a vegetarian and they’re going to introduce your veggie dishes. 

  • Water/Beer, please: Som tuk/beer (Som – TUK/ BEER)
  • The invoice, please: Som ket loy (Som – equipment – LOY)
  • Where’s the bathroom?: tae bangkon kuchea avei? (Ta – Ban – kon – nouv – aina?)

Phrases for going procuring

Shopping is an important exercise for vacationers on every journey; it’s not solely an opportunity so that you can expertise the day by day lifetime of native folks there but additionally the best place to purchase souvenirs to your journey. However, Similar to many Asian markets, Cambodian markets typically promote native merchandise that very lovely however their value may be inflated as in comparison with the actual value so it’s best to know some Khmer phrases in addition to sentences to barter and make pal with native retailers there that are a tip of getting higher value simply. 

  • How a lot?: Bo man (bow-man)
  • Too costly: T’lay (t-lay). The vendor will know that you prefer to higher value to purchase it.
  • Sale off!: banhchouh tamlei te (ban – CHOI – thlay – te)
  • From 1 to 10: Moi (MOO-ee), bee (bee), bai (Bai), boum (BOO-ern), bram (bram), bram moi (bram MOO-ee), bram bee (bram BEE) , bram bey ((bram BUH-ee), bram boum (bram BOO-ern), dop (dop): May the vendor will provide you with the higher value
  • I’ll take one in every of these: Yoa nih muay (yo nih MOO-ee)

thuy trangTracy Luo

After my lengthy journeys to the unusual lands, I actually perceive the that means of the Alfred D’Souza’s quote ‘Happiness is a journey, not a vacation spot’. My happiness is journeys that allow me discover the brand new lands, new options of the tradition there and new colours in your soul and now I wish to share this happiness with you thru my article about my expertise within the journeys. Hope that they’ll give helpful issues to your subsequent journey…



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