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  • Scarlet Nexus is now to be had with Xbox Sport Cross on PC, Console, and Cloud.
  • Give protection to the sector in opposition to alien mutants the use of psychokinetic powers that engage together with your atmosphere in addition to different psionic allies for your birthday celebration.
  • Play as both Yuito or Kasane and discover their twin tales in a futuristic global.

Following its good fortune as a breakout hit of the Summer season, we’re excited to announce that Scarlet Nexus is now to be had with Xbox Sport Cross on PC, Console, and Cloud beginning these days, September 30!

On this motion RPG, you’ll be navigating a extremely futuristic, high-tech global terrorized by way of deranged, alien mutants referred to as the Others, who’re liable to psionic assaults. Thankfully, the sector has entered a brand new generation the place psionic hormones within the human mind can every now and then grant choose other folks with psionic talents. As a psionically-gifted member of the Different Suppression Pressure (OSF), you’ll use psychokinetic powers to shield humanity in opposition to the Others and liberate the mysteries that encompass you.

You’ll be able to select to play as both of Scarlet Nexus’ two protagonists: Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall. Each and every persona has other strengths, allies, and playstyles. Make the most of Kasane’s more potent psychokinesis and daggers to hit extra Others mid-range, or use Yuito’s sword to deal extra injury in close-quarters fight.

Via Yuito and Kasane’s storylines, get the views of each characters and disclose the overall tale. Deepen your bonds together with your comrades to borrow their psionic powers during the Battle Fingers Device (SAS) and develop your talents in struggle to turn out to be an impressive pressure in opposition to the Others.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus’ shocking anime and science-fiction-inspired new-gen visuals will also be loved in shocking 4K answer and easy 60 fps to come up with a gaming enjoy that’s optimized for Xbox Collection X|S. With Xbox Good Supply, you’ll have the ability to seamlessly play the most efficient model of the sport in your Xbox console.

Can’t get sufficient of Scarlet Nexus with Xbox Sport Cross? You’ll have the ability to get increase your enjoy with the Scarlet Nexus Season Cross — coming quickly this Fall! Get new costumes, guns, and bond episodes to construct nearer connections together with your staff.



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Within the some distance far away long run, a psionic hormone was once found out within the human mind, granting other folks extra-sensory powers and altered the sector as we knew it. As humanity entered this new generation, deranged mutants referred to as Others started to descend from the sky with a starvation for human brains. Extremely resistant to traditional assault strategies, excessive measures had to be taken to struggle the overpowering danger and maintain humanity. The ones with acute extra-sensory talents, referred to as psionics, have been our simplest probability to battle the onslaught from above. Since then, psionics were scouted for his or her skills and recruited to the Different Suppression Pressure (OSF), humanity’s remaining defensive position.

That includes a twin tale, start your journey with both Yuito Sumeragi, an vigorous recruit from a prestigious political circle of relatives or Kasane Randall, the mysterious scout whose energy and ability has won nice notoriety a number of the OSF. As their other stories interweave with each and every different, it is just then that you’re going to disclose the overall tale and liberate all of the mysteries of a Mind Punk long run stuck between era and psychic talents in SCARLET NEXUS.


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