Tribute to Her Grace Kripamayi Devi Dasi

Kripamayi Devi Dasi was one of many first Hare Krishna devotees in Thailand. As a younger lady, she would pray to Lord Buddha for steerage. Her Buddhist guru at some point handed her a chunk of paper with the maha-mantra written on it.

From then on, she began chanting the maha-mantra. By Krsna’s association, she met a devotee who gave her the Bhagavad Gita whereby she discovered the identical mantra she had been chanting. Following the deal with given within the e book, she went to the temple, however the temple was closed as a result of all of the devotees had gone for a Dham yatra. Enthusiastic to satisfy somebody, she recurrently visited the temple till she met the devotees.

Being round her, it was troublesome to overlook her simplicity, humility, and loving nature. You would typically discover her rubbing some Chinese oil and massaging a devotee as a result of that they had some ache in some components of their physique. When on Sankirtan, she would discuss to folks and they might not need to say ‘No’ when provided a e book. These great qualities of hers attracted so many to understand Krishna Consciousness.

Her enthusiasm was one thing that was infectious. She would recurrently cook dinner for the Saturday feast regardless of having to handle her aged mom and carrying her round to wherever she went. On Sundays, we might go for Harinam collectively and it was such luck to listen to her sing the holy names with a lot dedication.

Every time I noticed her, I at all times bear in mind her smiling. Later on, I spotted that she was at all times comfortable and smiling as a result of she was at all times giving. Every time I met her, she would give me one thing; some fruits, some nuts, or some coconut water. Seeing me rising very skinny, at some point she gave few hundred Bhats (Thai Currency) and requested me to please purchase extra meals. Those small gestures would contact the hearts of so many others like me.

Her singing for Krishna was easy and most opulent on the identical time as a result of they have been full of real devotion. So a lot could possibly be described about her superb life and it could nonetheless be incomplete. When I sit again and meditate on her great qualities, I get the next realization very strongly: The extra you give, the happier you might be.

I thank her for the affiliation that she gave us, for exhibiting us what turning into a devotee really means, what simplicity and humility appears like. I thank her for exhibiting us what compassion and respect in direction of everybody appears like. Thank you.

Her Grace Kripamayi Devi Dasi Ki Jaya.



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