Tom Grennan tells fans he’s ‘all good’ after NYC attack: ‘Wrong place, wrong time’

UK singer Tom Grennan has reassured his fans that he is “all good” and was just in the “wrong place, wrong time” following an apparent “unprovoked” attack early Thursday morning after a show in New York.

The 26-year-old performer — appearing weary and wearing a ball cap and hoodie — posted a more than 2-minute-long video on Instagram and on Twitter Friday afternoon, expressing thanks to supporters and vowing to continue touring despite canceling a show Thursday night in Washington, DC.

“Hey, guys — what’s going on? I thought I’d come on here to let you know that I’m all good and that your support I’ve been seeing is unbelievable and very overwhelming and I can’t believe it. So thank you so much,” he said in the clip, adding that the past 24 hours had “been crazy” and “a bit of madness, to be honest with you all.”

He then went on to give his recollection of the altercation, which required medical attention.

“It was just wrong place, wrong time. And I was punched, knocked out and I woke up and was like, ‘Woah, what went on?’ But I’ve got a ruptured eardrum,” he said. “Luckily enough, my jaw’s fine. I got a bit of a concussion. I’m on meds at the moment, so that’s kind of taking the pain away.”

It wasn’t clear where Grennan filmed the video, but a representative for the singer confirmed to The Post via email that he “is out of [the] hospital, recovering, and dedicated to resuming his US touring.”

An NYPD spokesperson told The Post that a misdemeanor assault report was filed Friday afternoon with the NYPD, whom Grennan commended for being “great” and “brilliant” in his video. According to the report, the incident allegedly occurred around 3:30 a.m. Thursday “inside of” 151 Bleecker St., the location of the Red Lion bar, located about a mile from the Bowery Ballroom where he performed Wednesday.

Grennan reported that an unknown person punched him in the left ear with a closed fist, “causing pain,” though the singer claimed he did not see who hit him and did not know why they did it. The spokesperson had no further details and confirmed that the investigation is ongoing.

In his social media update, Grennan said that his fans were his “main priority” and that he didn’t “want to let anyone down” or “want to cancel” his current stateside tour.

“The show must go on,” he declared, adding that his next show is a scheduled stop in Boston this Saturday, April 23.  

“It’s been incredible to see how much people show their love and support. I’m all good. I promise you — I’m all good,” he continued in his video statement. “It’s gonna take a couple of weeks hopefully for the ear to be on the mend but we’ll see. We just gotta keep the show runnin’.

“Love you guys and we’ll see you soon,” he said before ending the clip with a kiss to the camera.

The “Little Bit of Love” singer had previously given thanks to his NYC fans in a social post Thursday afternoon, writing, “the big apple … you lot are magic,” and included a selfie taken on Broome Street as well as a stage-view photo from his Wednesday show.



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