The week in whoppers: AOC’s redistricting ignorance, Mediaite’s idiotic slam at Fox and extra

Diary of disturbing disinformation and harmful delusions

This tweet:

“Dem party management . . . didn’t go a primary state poll measure to guard NY redistricting.”

— Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Wednesday

We say: Earth to AOC: New York did go a poll initiative to “defend” redistricting, and preserve it honest and nonpartisan, in 2014 — and this 12 months  Democrats tried (however failed) to flout it. Did you imply to criticize them for not getting away with their unlawful scheme?

This declare:

MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson claimed Georgia suffered important voter suppression this 12 months although it truly noticed report turnout.

“The stage of voter suppression [in Georgia] is past something that we noticed in 2018 … We can’t say [the election] is honest.”

— MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson, Tuesday

We say: For Johnson (and far of the left), an election can only be “honest” if Democrats win in a landslide. The fact? By Tuesday, 4 million Georgians had voted — greater than in another midterm within the state’s historical past (although the Senate race between Herschel Walker (R) and Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) is set for a runoff). Maybe Georgians ought to thank a 2021 state legislation that expanded early voting and boosted the variety of voting stations. You know, the one President Biden known as “Jim Crow within the twenty first Century”?  

This story:

Fox News hosts outside

Mediate instructed that New York City is a “largely peaceable place.”
NY Post composite / istock/ Getty Images

We say: On the eve of the election, with crime a high voter concern, Mediaite tried to claim that New York City is a “largely peaceable” place. Never thoughts that a whole lot of individuals are murdered every year, subway riders fear for their lives and serial shoplifters have compelled retailer closures; Fox News hosts had the nerve to flag the crime and slime “on a wonderfully nice day.” Such a skewed, idiotic “evaluation” — couched in an affordable, misleading shot at Fox News — is what passes for “impartial” media “fact-checking” as of late. 

This slur:

“[Republicans] . . . are prepared to kill, actually kill, to get [power].”

— Rob Reiner, Friday

We say: Literally kill”? OK, Rob Reiner has lengthy hated Republicans and falsely accused them of plenty of issues, however what on earth was Meathead talking about this time — and why did a nationwide community host (MSNBC’s Joy Reid) let him get away with such an unpleasant, ludicrous and divisive slur?  

This comment:

“There are authorized analysts that say . . . [a Supreme Court ruling against Harvard’s affirmative action program] may impression Brown v. Board.”

— Grio WH reporter April Ryan, Wednesday

We say: Huh? How on the planet would a Supreme Court ruling that insists college applicants be treated equally in admissions no matter race “impression” Brown v. Board of Education, which equally says public-school youngsters should be handled equally and never individually no matter race? It’s simply one other case of disingenuous fear-mongering by one other flagrantly biased reporter and her “authorized analysts.”

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