The Theotokos as an Embodiment of “Living Dogma”


 By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos

In the Theotokos there have been united the divine and the human nature within the hypostasis of the Word, and her womb grew to become the workshop of this union, that’s the reason she can be the “residing dogma”. The glory she has is the glory of her Son and God; her boldness earlier than God is a consequence of her synergy within the incarnation of Christ; her intercessions are as a consequence of her being the Mother of Christ; the time period “Theotokos” constitutes the thriller of the divine economic system. The Third Ecumenical Synod, which determined that she must be referred to as Theotokos and never Christotokos, exhibits that the Panagia is certainly a “residing dogma”. All the heresies about Christ culminate within the Theotokos, and all of the heresies concerning the Theotokos additionally consult with Christ. Her appearances to the deified saints within the Light, and the Grace that the saints obtain from her present that the Orthodox dogmas are alive and never useless, they’re theology and expertise and never philosophical reflection.The dogmas of the Church have life, they’re like burning coals that radiate gentle, but additionally heat individuals; they’re experiences. We see this within the dogmas associated to the Holy Trinity, Christ and the Most Holy Theotokos. In this angle we love the Panagia, not simply as a blessed girl, however as a “residing dogma”, as a divine residing statue.

Source: “Οἱ Θεομητορικές ἑορτές”. Translation by John Sanidopoulos.



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