The Rise of Transhumanism

The Rise of Transhumanism

With the speedy growth of know-how and the rising curiosity in Transhumanism, many have began to surprise the way it might relate to Bible prophecy. Is it attainable that the Bible prophesied the rise of transhumanism?

What Is Transhumanism?

Transhumanism is a philosophical, scientific, and primarily spiritual motion that seeks to merge people with rising know-how, equivalent to mind chips and genetic engineering. By doing so, transhumanists imagine that we are able to improve our mental and bodily capacities; transcend our organic limitations, together with dying; and create a extra advanced species they name the “posthuman.”[1]

While this may increasingly appear to be wacky science fiction, transhumanism is actively being pursued by outstanding scientists and world elites, and is definitely a significant element of the “Great Reset” proposed by Klaus Schwab, founding father of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Schwab argues that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will result in “a fusion of our bodily, digital, and organic identities,”[2] forcing us to re-examine “what it means to be human.”[3]

Transhumanist-themed booster marketing campaign

In reality, the globalists have already begun their pursuit of merging people with know-how by way of the administration of COVID-19 injections, though few folks understand it. Some of those injections incorporate transhumanist applied sciences, equivalent to nanotechnology and genetic engineering, offering a pathway for future modifications to human DNA.

Transhumanism and the Mark of the Beast

Many proponents of transhumanism advocate for the modification of human DNA to attain their objectives of enhancing people and in the end creating posthumans.[4] Some have additionally proposed implanting chips which might be linked to 1’s digital identification, which may additional combine know-how into the human physique. The WEF not too long ago acknowledged that “know-how will develop into extra intertwined with the physique within the type of implants.”[5]

These proposals are very fascinating in mild of the Mark of the Beast prophecy. As many are conscious, implants have the potential to satisfy the mark within the hand or brow, as described in Revelation 13:16-17. However, there’s one other intriguing attribute of this mark that would additionally relate to transhumanism.

According to Revelation 14:10-11, accepting the mark of the beast is a fateful determination with everlasting penalties, rendering the recipient unredeemable. Bible students have lengthy puzzled how the acceptance of the mark may lead to everlasting damnation, and whether or not a mere chip implant is sufficient to fulfill this attribute. Could or not it’s attainable that transhumanism will modify people genetically to such an extent within the close to future that they’re now not created in God’s picture, making them past salvation?

It could be tough to fathom why anybody would consent to such a factor. However, the need for human enhancement, together with the eradication of ailments, reversal of growing older, and extension of lifespans, amongst different issues, might make the mark an interesting choice for a lot of. The latest COVID-19 pandemic serves as a stark reminder of the lengths persons are prepared to go to within the hopes of overcoming struggling and the specter of dying.

It can be price noting the hyperlink between transhumanism and the alien/UFO phenomenon, which can play a task in the long run occasions deception as I’ve previously speculated. This connection may additional enhance the enchantment of receiving the mark, as many secularists imagine that aliens may supply us superior know-how to transcend the boundaries of human evolution.[6]

Transhumanism and the Image of the Beast

Other proponents of transhumanism suggest much more radical approaches to attain their objectives. One such strategy is the importing of human consciousness right into a robotic to attain everlasting life. I do know it sounds completely loopy, however the 2045 Initiative anticipates this turning into a actuality between 2030 and 2035.

Dmitry Itskov’s 2045 Initiative: Project Milestones

This initiative is particularly fascinating in mild of Revelation 13:15, the place the False Prophet is claimed to deliver an “picture of the beast” to life. The animation of this picture, which is more likely to be a type of AI robotic, might be the climax of the False Prophet’s sequence of mendacity wonders. It is so convincing that individuals imagine the picture is actually alive or has consciousness, resulting in even larger worship of it (Rev. 13:13-15). 

Could or not it’s that the False Prophet will deceive humanity by claiming to have transferred the Antichrist’s consciousness into the picture, when in actuality, it’s powered by demonic forces, superior AI, or another means? Some have even urged that the primary individual to efficiently switch their consciousness right into a robotic shall be seen as a god with immense energy.[7] 

Transhumanism and the Days of Noah: A Modern Parallel?

The biblical account of Noah additionally offers an fascinating parallel to the transhumanism motion, which is important in mild of Jesus’ warning that His return will resemble the times of Noah (Matt. 24:37). Genesis 6:9 describes Noah as being “good in his generations.” Scholars usually interpret this phrase to imply that Noah’s genetic lineage was uncorrupted by the “sons of God” or fallen angels who mated with human girls to provide a race of giants (Gen. 6:4).[8]

Similar to Satan’s try to corrupt the human genome by way of non secular intervention and disrupt God’s plan of bringing the Messiah into the world by way of the seed of a girl (Gen. 3:15), transhumanist efforts to create a posthuman species may corrupt the human genome and disqualify folks from redemption. This parallel additional reinforces what I mentioned above concerning the mark of the beast.


It may be very attainable that the emergence of transhumanism was prophesied within the Bible and could have a major position sooner or later Tribulation, significantly almost about the mark of the beast. However, it is very important remember that that is nonetheless speculative, and transhumanism might merely be one other manifestation of the traditional deception that tempted Eve within the Garden of Eden with the promise of god-like talents (Gen. 3:5).

It can be vital to acknowledge that transhumanists’ pursuit to surpass human limitations can solely be achieved by way of accepting Christ. The hope for a future freed from ache, sorrow, and dying is just attainable by way of Him (Rev. 21:4). If you haven’t but repented of your sins and accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, I urge you to take action directly.


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