The Rings of Power: What’s Going On With the Meteor and the Stranger?

The Rings of Power: What’s Going On With the Meteor and the Stranger?


The Dark Lord does wish to be dramatic (see additionally: the enormous flaming eye that may ultimately sit atop Barad-dur) and that is actually essentially the most dramatic entrance any character has had within the sequence to date. I imply, none of us would count on Sauron to do one thing as widespread as take a ship again throughout the Sundering Seas to Middle-earth like some elf, would we?

It’s already very clear that the driving emotional engine behind a lot of The Rings of Power is Sauron’s inevitable return. Yes, he was defeated when Morgoth fell on the finish of the First Age, however as a Sith apprentice should all the time rise when their grasp is defeated, everyone knows he’s coming again. This can be a dramatic method to reintroduce the sequence’ best menace proper underneath viewers’ noses and set up a connection between Sauron and the ancestors of the very beings (i.e. hobbits) that may in the future imply his doom. Plus, it can’t be an accident that the hearth crater his crash touchdown creates seems an terrible lot just like the Eye of Sauron, can it?

Gandalf the Grey

Despite the truth that The Rings of Power is, for essentially the most half, boldly charting its personal path via J.R.R. Tolkien’s lore, nobody can inform me that if Amazon noticed an opportunity to someway incorporate one of many franchise’s hottest characters into this sequence that they wouldn’t take it. And I can’t say I blame them, even when the Stranger’s presence doesn’t completely mesh with the present lore surrounding the place Gandalf got here from or when he arrived in Middle-earth. (Details, proper?) But since Gandalf is one of many Maiar (angelic, primordial spirits), who have been recognized to often go to Middle-earth to investigate cross-check issues, it’s not unimaginable

For starters, the Stranger principally seems like a crazed wizard and his unusual skills (that booming scream, his affinity for speaking to bugs, writing in symbols) all appear to recommend he’s a being with some form of magic. His preliminary reference to the harfoot Nori may foreshadow Gandalf’s personal longtime curiosity in and connection to the hobbits that may in the future be their descendants, and his fall to earth encased in hearth is eerily just like Gandalf’s fall via Moria with the Balrog and his subsequent resurrection afterward. 

Bonus factors for the truth that the Stranger is impervious to fireside, which occurs to even be Gandalf’s Maiar alignment. (He will ultimately wield the elvish ring Narya, the Ring of Fire, sooner or later.)

Another Istari

Though viewers of The Rings of Power might be conversant in a number of different members of Gandalf’s Istari order—fellow wizards Radagast the Brown and Saruman the White—it’s unlikely that both of them is the Stranger, merely given what we find out about their respective tales and histories. Saruman’s net of deceit and betrayal is sophisticated sufficient with out thrusting him into this sequence, and the Stranger doesn’t appear in tune sufficient with nature to be Radagast, although he’s acquired the borderline insanity factor down.



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