‘The Matrix: Smith Remembers’ Fan Trailer Imagines a Different Sequel

‘The Matrix: Smith Remembers’ Fan Trailer Imagines a Different Sequel

by Alex Billington
June 17, 2022
Source: YouTube

“We’re all trapped inside these unusual, repeating loops…” What in the event that they made a sequel to The Matrix that was really all about Agent Smith as an alternative of Neo? Would anybody watch it? I wager they might. A Matrix fan created this intelligent 42-second trailer for a re-imagined sequel referred to as The Matrix: Smith Remembers – which is a reasonably good title. By now everyone knows they “upgraded” Smith in The Matrix Resurrections final 12 months by casting Jonathan Groff as an alternative of Hugo Weaving. This trailer borrows numerous clips from a number of current movies starring Hugo Weaving and makes use of audio from the Resurrections trailer to create a brand new idea. I dig it. One touch upon YT pitches an amazing thought: “the story follows Agent Smith someway reprogrammed to be a standard civilian in The Matrix as he slowly remembers his previous and will get his powers again.” Check it out.

The Matrix: Smith Remembers

Welcome again, Mr. Smith. Here’s the film’s fake synopsis direct from YouTube: “With his earlier avatar destroyed on the finish of The Matrix Revolutions, Smith has been resurrected in an actual physique vessel and reintegrated into the Matrix, having misplaced his means to copy himself, Smith nonetheless has retained all the recollections of his earlier incarnation, together with his freedom from the system of the Matrix, The Analyst introduced Smith again for one objective: to maintain tabs on Neo and guarantee that he’s unable to depart the Matrix once more…” The Matrix: Smith Remembers is a fan-made trailer tribute created by a YouTuber referred to as “Fanmadetrix“. The newest sequel The Matrix Resurrections, directed by Lana Wachowski, already opened in theaters late final 12 months in December 2021 – it is now out there to look at anyplace. Who desires extra Smith?

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