The Church of God vs. the Church of Disney

Entertainment makes up an incredible portion of our lives.  I personally grew up within the period of the Star Wars prequel motion pictures – and to today, I’m nonetheless a fairly large fan.  The thrill of watching the hero win for the millionth time by no means will get outdated, and reinventing that very same narrative with a brand new and inventive type is normally what makes for among the greatest motion pictures and books we come to know and love.  It’s the supply of lots of our conversations with family and friends – what was reserved for nerds within the 80’s is now cool for anybody to speak about.  And that’s completely regular – we speak concerning the issues we take pleasure in and care about; we like to share our hobbies, achievements, and issues we love to do. 

All males of this stamp (in search of pleasure in worldly issues), I keep, are urgent on in pursuit of pleasure, however they have no idea the place they might acquire a pleasure that’s each nice and enduring. Seneca, Letter LIX

Why am I singling out Disney?  Well, inside the previous couple of years, firms have abruptly began to care about ‘values’ and ‘politics’ in a much bigger manner than simply being profitable and producing high quality work – no, their work has to symbolize values that they, the corporate, stand for – and anybody who doesn’t like these values is their enemy.  This applies on each side of the political spectrum.  To me, Disney is among the largest firms who’s adamant on making everybody know what they stand for by way of their content material and political overtures. 

“Representation” is a giant buzzword that these firms use; this phrase is particularly directed at justifying something they wish to discuss – good and unhealthy alike.  This type of illustration, which comes by way of mass media and their content material, isn’t about illustration in any respect – most of it appears to be all about indoctrination and about pushing their product onto a client, plain and easy.  Do you assume firms actually go about “illustration” as a result of they actually care about these points or that they actually aren’t attempting to push their very own agenda on their customers?  An instance of how firms will be hypocritical will be present in John Boyega, an African-American actor for the newer Star Wars trilogy.  He was singled out and considerably diminished in advertising and marketing directed at Chinese customers – as Chinese society has very completely different views than America, and so Disney was prepared to cave to them.  It’s nonetheless about cash, and even when it’s in a roundabout way concerning the cash, it’s about pushing an agenda. 

On the opposite hand, Moses Ingram acted within the current Obi-Wan Kenobi TV present, and there was some criticism directed at her new character, with a giant fuss made on social media.  Let’s be clear right here – racism is rarely excusable, in any type, in any manner – and having seen the present, I personally thought Moses acted very effectively and didn’t deserve the rabid critiques of the fanbase.  The level I’m making right here is that these firms are handled very selectively, and other people nearly worship them and their agendas, consuming up any content material they push out, arguing about each final element and both treating actors/actresses as angels despatched from God or as minions despatched proper out of Hell itself as a result of they didn’t act effectively in a film. 

It’s not a foul factor to like a great Disney film – there’s a lot to like about our types of leisure.  But isn’t it so attention-grabbing to see how emotionally hooked up folks turn out to be to those types of leisure?  Isn’t it so attention-grabbing to see how our leisure turns into ingrained into our life-style?  We take pleasure in watching soccer, so we go play soccer.  Or let’s speak concerning the huge quantity of Baby Yoda merchandise swelled up by worldwide market?  Doesn’t this appear nearly like a faith of its personal kind – despite the fact that it’s not claiming to be “true”? 

I usually hear progressives consult with faith as simply one other type of leisure to make us really feel good.  The outdated saying from Karl Marx goes: “Religion is the opium of the plenty,” and that’s what many individuals who aren’t non secular give it some thought.  But have a look at most of our leisure!  Whether it’s sports activities or Disney motion pictures (as enjoyable as each of those are to observe and purchase merchandise from), that is what we discuss on a regular basis!  Not solely that, however that is what we let affect our lives and train our kids by spending time with it!  Fans of various exhibits and sports activities argue and focus on these items on a regular basis – they know the littlest, tiniest particulars, but should you requested them to say a rosary or to wish with them, they’d battle to recollect the phrases, and even to remain awake as a result of it isn’t “enjoyable.” 

This “Church of Disney,” despite the fact that it applies to leisure going far past Disney motion pictures, is worldly and centered on producing content material that makes cash and indoctrinates us with their values – to current their values in a great mild, and to make the values they don’t help look unhealthy.  That’s to not say we are able to’t take pleasure in it, however we’ve to appreciate what it’s and that there are folks behind these firms with a goal in thoughts, who search to affect society, and who’re out to earn money.  That’s additionally to not say that there aren’t nice administrators and actors on the market who wish to make wonderful motion pictures that everybody loves.  But in an age the place screenwriting and assessment websites normally assist information audiences even earlier than the movie is launched, going in opposition to the grain doesn’t normally result in success. 

As everyone knows, the American company system is an effective factor general – it’s good that huge studios can create wonderful content material. But it has an agenda, and isn’t unbiased in any respect.  With these firms getting into into politics not simply to guard their very own riches, however to push an agenda that they stand for, they’re blurring the traces between the Separation of Church and State. 

Christ mentioned “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33), not the Magical Kingdom down in Florida.  It’s straightforward to critique non secular id should you don’t imagine in faith; it’s an entire completely different concept to reside as much as that.  Entertainment and leisure aren’t unhealthy issues, however we, as trustworthy Catholics, ought to primarily prioritize our religion above every little thing else – similar to going to Church, discovering time for prayer, and charitable works for these in want as an alternative of worshipping Mickey Mouse by giving him all our time and a spotlight.  St. Paul places this very effectively in his letter to the Colossians:

Therefore, should you be risen with Christ, search the issues which are above; the place Christ is sitting on the proper hand of God:Mind the issues which are above, not the issues which are upon the earth. For you’re useless; and your life is hid with Christ in God. (Colossians 3:2)

Far from what the enemies of faith say is an “opium,” we should always focus our consideration on Christ, even when it doesn’t really feel enjoyable or appears boring.  Instead of selective “illustration,” we should always search to save lots of everybody, unbiasedly, and take our place as baptized Catholics, representatives of the Kingdom of God on earth.  We ought to reside that out with our family and friends, simply as a lot as we speak concerning the latest Marvel film – fairly than observe the gospel of the “Church of Disney.”

We worship God – not heaven and earth, of which two components this world consists… however God who made heaven and earth, and all issues that are in them; who made each soul, no matter be the character of its life, whether or not it have life with out sensation and purpose, or life with sensation, or life with each sensation and purpose.

  – St. Augustine, City of God Book VII



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