The Cave of Saint Kosmas of Zographou in Mount Athos

The cave of Saint Kosmas of Zographou is situated within the location of Gerakofilia, about half an hour away from the Holy Monastery of Zographou in Mount Athos.The Saint is taken into account the best ascetic to emerge from Zographou. His cavernous cell turned the place of wrestle with demons. There he was buried and from there he departed for the enjoyment of his Lord. The admirable factor is that forty days after his burial the monks appeared for his relic, however didn’t discover it.

Gerasimos Smyrnakis (1903) mentions that the cave was additionally used as an statement submit for forest rangers.

Brief Biography

Saint Kosmas, an ascetic of Zographou Monastery on the Holy Mountain, was a Bulgarian. In his youth he prevented getting into into marriage, and secretly left his dad and mom’ dwelling for Mount Athos. Then as he was on his option to the Holy Mountain, the satan tried to shake the craving of the youth, vexing him with a imaginative and prescient of the infinite abyss of the ocean surrounding the Holy Mountain. The fervent prayer of the youth dispelled the demonic temptation.

On Athos, Kosmas was accepted in Zographou Monastery. There he was a novice for a very long time, after which he was tonsured, and was appointed ecclesiarch. Kosmas was made worthy to see the heavenly abbess of Mount Athos herself, who on the Feast of the Annunciation at Vatopaidi Monastery deigned to divulge to him a glimpse of her look after her earthly appanage. He noticed a lady of royal majesty and grandeur, who each attended in church for providers and within the trapeza. All the monks served and obeyed her.

Soon the Saint was ordained as deacon, after which as presbyter, which impressed him to new exploits. Zealous for salvation, the Saint by means of fervent prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos was granted a selected signal of her particular favor. He heard the voice of the Mother of God issuing from her holy icon and asking her Son, “How will Kosmas be saved?” The Lord answered, “Let him withdraw from the monastery into silence.” After acquiring the blessing of the abbot, Saint Kosmas withdrew into the wilderness, and there in a cave minimize right into a cliff, started his new deed of silent seclusion. God didn’t forsake the devoted man of prayer, for the Saint was granted the reward of clairvoyance.

Just as in the beginning of his ascetic life, the enemy of the race of mankind once more tried to dissuade the Saint from his meant path, and so the ultimate days earlier than the venerable one’s dying have been additionally a grievous trial for him.

Not lengthy earlier than the dying of God’s chosen one, he was granted a imaginative and prescient of Christ Himself, Who knowledgeable the Saint that earlier than his soul would depart to the heavenly Kingdom, Satan himself together with his hosts would beat and gnash at him. Prepared for the struggling by this divine solace, the Saint bravely underwent the horrible demonic assaults, and on the third day after livid beatings, he obtained the All-Pure Mysteries. With phrases of reward on his lips, he peacefully departed to the Lord.

God, “Who glorifies those that glorify Him,” additionally glorified Saint Kosmas miraculously at his dying. At the time of the Saint’s burial a large number of beasts and birds flocked to his cave, as if sensing the frequent lack of the Holy Mountain. When they positioned his physique within the grave and started to cowl it with floor, every of the speechless creatures set free a mournful cry, bestowing remaining respect to the Saint of God.

Forty days later, when the brethren opened the Saint’s tomb after the all-night vigil (as was customary), in an effort to switch them to the monastery with honor, they have been to not be discovered. The Lord hid them in a miraculous method. This occurred within the yr 1323.


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