Ten Important Aspects of Saintliness

Ten Important Aspects of Saintliness

All of us are referred to as to turn out to be saints. How do we all know? Jesus commanded us: “Be holy as your heavenly Father is holy.” (Mt. 5:48) In different phrases: Become a saint! Most saints haven’t been formally canonized however are nameless, unknown besides by God alone.

Given that it is a critical command given by Jesus Himself, to be holy, to turn out to be a saint, allow us to briefly spotlight ten of probably the most salient notes or traits of the saints. This will serve to inspire each considered one of us to turn out to be whom God has referred to as us to be—a saint!

1. Antithesis of Saintliness: Sin

Let us begin with the damaging. Saints actually detest the one main evil on the planet—the truth of sin. Modern tradition glamorizes and even promotes sin; the saints combat towards it! The motto of Saint Dominic Savio for his First Holy Communion was the next immortal assertion: Death Rather Than Sin!

2. Prayer

It is completely inconceivable to come back throughout or learn the lifetime of any saint who didn’t take his prayer life severely and spend sizable blocks of time devoted to prayer, which is union and friendship with God. Face it, we will all enhance in our prayer lives; we will pray extra and we will all the time pray higher. May the Holy Spirit enlighten and encourage us to improve our prayer life in our pursuit of holiness.

3. Humility

Saints are actually humble. By humility we imply the next: saints attribute all the nice they’ve completed to God who’s the origin, writer and finish of all good. When complimented on any good completed, nearly spontaneously the saint responds: Thanks be to God!

4. Hunger for Holiness

Authentic saints have an actual starvation and thirst for precisely that—holiness, to turn out to be a saint. If you want, the saint lives out the primary verse of Psalm 42: “As the deer yearns for working waters, so my soul yearns for you, O Lord my God.” A saint admits that he’s not a saint however actually longs to be a saint at some point. This longing, this craving certainly is half the battle of accomplishing the crown of holiness, the triumph of successful the crown of saintliness.

Many yearn for cash, energy, pleasure, success and possessions. Not so for the saint: he yearns to like God totally and completely and unreservedly; he longs to be the saint that God has referred to as him to be!

5. Charity

The saint is motivated to assimilate and to hold out in phrase and deed the best of all of the Commandments—the command to like each God and neighbor. If you need to see a graphic picture of charity, raise up your eyes to Jesus crucified, Jesus hanging from the cross—there you could have a transparent picture of charity. We are referred to as to like God completely and to like our neighbor as ourselves.

On one event, after Thomas Aquinas had achieved huge accomplishments, Jesus appeared to him and requested the saint what reward he desired most. Immediately Aquinas responded: “Lord, grant me the grace to like you an increasing number of every day.” 

Saint John of the Cross asserted: “In the twilight of our existence we can be judged on love.” Saint Francis de Sales provides to this in these phrases: “The measure with which we must always love God is to like Him with out measure.”

6. Zeal for the Salvation of Souls

Two saints met, one a teen, the opposite a priest. The teen regarded up and noticed on the wall just a few phrases written in Latin and he requested the priest what the phrases have been and what they meant. The priest responded by saying that these phrases have been his motto they usually have been: “Give me souls and take all the remaining away.” The priest was Saint John Bosco; the teen was Saint Dominic Savio.

An genuine saint loves God and loves what God loves—the salvation of immortal souls. One soul is price greater than all of creation within the pure world! The motive for the excruciating ache that Jesus suffered in His Passion and the outpouring of His most Precious Blood on the cross was exactly this: to save lots of immortal souls for all eternity. The stigmata for 50 years of Saint Padre Pio; the 13-18 hours day by day within the Confessional within the lifetime of the Cure of Ars, aka Saint John Vianney; the heroic sacrifices of the little youngsters of Fatima; the victimhood of Saint Faustina, had one motivational motive and drive: love of God and starvation and thirst for the salvation of souls.

7. Struggling Sinners Who Rise When They Fall

Many have been deceived into a synthetic, sugar-sweet, considerably romantic imaginative and prescient of the saint as exempt from human weaknesses and ethical failures. Nothing could possibly be farther from the reality! Saints are born sinners. However, a typical attribute of the saint is that upon falling, sinner although he’s, he resiliently bounces again; he returns to the Lord by means of Confession, good will, and a agency function of modification. Venerable Bruno Lanteri taught Nunc Coepi—that means if we fall, then we should rise instantly and belief all of the extra within the grace and mercy of the loving Heart of Jesus! No shock that within the Diary of Saint Faustina, Jesus reminds us that the best sinner may be the best saint if he trusts totally within the mercy of Jesus.

Venerable Fulton J. Sheen reminds us that the primary canonized saint was a assassin, an insurrectionist, and a thief who held on a cross subsequent to Jesus on Calvary. “Jesus mentioned: ‘Truly I let you know, this present day you can be with me in Paradise.’” (Lk. 23:43) As Sheen factors out: “And he died a thief as a result of he stole heaven.” Read and meditate on the Parable of the Prodigal Son, that will also be termed the Parable of the Merciful Father. (Lk. 15:11-32)

8. Fervent Love for the Source of All Holiness: the Holy Eucharist

The final supply of grace, purity, energy and holiness is Jesus Himself. The most efficacious means by which we unite ourselves with Jesus in His Mystical Body is thru the Sacraments. The best of all of the Sacraments is the Most Holy Eucharist for the straightforward however profound motive that the Eucharist really is Jesus—His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity! Jesus is the Holy of Holies; He is God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. 

Though it could sound trivial, there’s a actual truism behind this one liner: “You turn out to be what you eat!” Bad consuming habits can produce well being issues; good consuming habits can contribute to well being and longevity.

In a parallel however actual sense, after we nourish our souls with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus with religion, devotion, fervor and love, then we begin to assume like Jesus, really feel like Jesus, act like Jesus, turn out to be like Jesus, till we will say with Saint Paul: “It is not I who dwell, however Christ who lives in me.” (Gal. 2:20)

9. Open and Docile to the Holy Spirit

Father Jacques Philippe wrote a brief masterpiece on this subject with the title “In the School of the Holy Spirit.” In this brief however inspiring ebook, Father Jacques continuously reminds his readers that holiness basically is dependent upon one primary angle, motion, and plan of life: being docile to the Holy Spirit and His heavenly inspirations. The Holy Spirit speaks gently however insistently to humble and docile souls, guiding them within the correct plan of action that results in holiness of life, that leads them to turn out to be the saints that we’re all referred to as and destined to turn out to be.

Saint Paul reminds us: “We have no idea the best way to pray as we ought, however the Holy Spirit intercedes for us with ineffable groans in order that we will name out Abba, Father.” (Rom. 6:26) It is exactly because of this that Pope Saint John XXIII said: “The saints are the masterpieces of the Holy Spirit.”

10. Mary and the Saints

Our Lady, Mary most holy, is the Queen of Angels, the Queen of Virgins, the Queen of Confessors, the Queen of Martyrs, the Queen and fantastic thing about Carmel, the Queen of probably the most Holy Rosary, and at last, Mary is the Queen of all the Angels and Saints. After he died, Saint Dominic Savio appeared bathed in heavenly glory to Saint John Bosco and instructed the holy priest what gave him the best pleasure in his brief life on earth. It was exactly this: his nice love and confidence within the Blessed Virgin Mary. Saint Dominic ended this encounter with Saint John Bosco exhorting him to unfold devotion to Mary to the best extent attainable.

Mary evokes the saints to wish fervently. Mary evokes the saints to return to God after they sin. Mary encourages the saints to like Jesus with their complete being. Mary’s presence helps the saints to keep away from ethical risks. Mary’s maternal and loving presence helps the saints to maneuver from desolation to comfort. For that motive, the saints cry out to Mary in these phrases: “Hail Holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope.”


Our ultimate prayer and hope is that every one of our readers will turn out to be saints and nice saints. Our hope and prayer is that every one of you’ll at some point be a really treasured, resplendent and superb jewel within the crown of Mary in order to ponder and reward the Blessed Trinity for all eternity. 

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us in order that we will attain the grace to actually turn out to be the saint that God has destined us to turn out to be for all eternity. Amen!

Photo by Cat Calhoun on Unsplash



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