St. Barbara

St. Barbara

Although there are not any genuine historic accounts regarding St. Barbara, it’s evident that she has been commemorated for the reason that seventh century. There are many legends surrounding this virgin and martyr, nevertheless. According to a few of these, Barbara was the daughter of a rich pagan named Dioscorus who stored her locked in a tower most of her life. He wished to be in full management of her and handled her extra like one in every of his possessions than a beloved daughter.

Once, earlier than occurring a journey, he had a bathhouse constructed for her close to the tower the place he stored her hidden from the world. He specified that it could have two home windows, however in his absence Barbara requested that one other window be added to represent the Trinity. Her father returned from his journey with information that he had obtained a proposal of marriage for her, however she refused the supply. She then acknowledged to her father that she was a Christian and as such had consecrated herself to God, intending to stay a virgin for all times. This so enraged her father that he handed her over to the prefect of the province, Maximinus.

This merciless prefect had her tortured and ultimately condemned to demise by beheading her. Her executioner was none apart from her personal father! On his manner dwelling after finishing up this heinous deed, he was struck by lightning and his physique was consumed.


The account of Barbara’s father having been struck by lightning in all probability led to her being thought-about by the individuals to be the patron saint for these in peril of thunderstorms or fireplace. In 1448, a person named Henry Kock practically misplaced his life in a hearth at Gorkum. But given his nice devotion to St. Barbara, he credited her along with his escape and with conserving him alive till a priest was in a position to come and administer the final sacraments.

St. Barbara is commonly portrayed in artwork as standing in a tower with three home windows, holding the palm of a martyr in her hand. In different depictions, she is commonly proven holding a chalice and a sacramental wafer.


St. Barbara, please intercede for us, and information us, not solely in instances of hazard of fireplace destroying our bodily our bodies, however extra importantly for these instances when our souls are in peril of everlasting fireplace. Amen.

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