Spiderhead Ending Explained

What is B-6?

Despite all of the teasing glimpses we get of the assorted experimental medication Abnesti has in his repertoire, the considered one of best significance is B-6, the drug for which all of the others are simply laboratory fodder.

Apparently a miracle drug Steve’s been dreaming of for many of his life (or since his father deserted him), the “medication” is designed to make folks docile and compliant, in order that they all the time obey authority—or no less than whomever is administering the drug. Jeff first mentions B-6 out loud when he asks what the purple vial hooked up to his bloodstream is for. After all, he has Darkenfloxx hooked up to his physique through the MobiPak (the system on his decrease again), although Steve retains swearing they’ll by no means use the unhealthy goals drug once more. Jeff additionally seems to have the “love drug,” N-40, able to be pumped into his veins at any time. But what is that this purple one which’s all the time in rotation in everybody’s MobiPak?

Mark (Mark Paguio) unconvincingly suggests it’s only a placebo, however Jeff and the viewers is aware of that isn’t true. In truth, it’s the one drug Steve cares about. Once perfected, Steve meant to promote it to companies (and governments?) underneath the title O-B-D-X (Obediex). What kind of authority wouldn’t need one thing that “may get you to observe an order antithetical to your deepest values and feelings?” So Steve would attempt to pump Jeff up with “love” for Heather (Tess Haubrich) through N-40, however the experiment wasn’t to show that it might make of us develop into infatuated with each other—even to the purpose of ripping their garments off proper in entrance of voyeurs! Just a few checks proved that drug’s efficacy fairly conclusively, proper? But what Steve wished was to make Jeff so invested in Heather as an individual that when he obeyed the order to manage her Darkenfluxx, it meant B-6 overcame Jeff’s sense of devotion to a girl he’d simply made like to.

As Lizzy famous, why do they all the time so willingly comply with “acknowledge” no matter Steve asks of them, regardless of how heinous? Yes, the implicit risk is that in the event that they don’t consent to those checks, Steve’s firm will ship them again to most safety prisons. No extra copper pots within the kitchen or tropical island excursions. However, Jeff nonetheless was consenting to issues he won’t have in any other case—like finally giving Heather the Darkenfluxx. Was he damaged down by Steve’s strain? Possibly. But he additionally was underneath the clear affect of B-6 which he unwittingly consented to when he first “acknowledged” his participation in these checks upon arriving at Spiderhead.

It is Jeff’s self-loathing guilt, his new pampered life-style, and the B-6 that each one affect his choices. But Steve wished to get B-6 to the purpose the place anybody would obey something, even placing Darkenfluxx into a girl he really loves. Remember Jeff’s best remorse is that he bought the final lady he cherished in a drunk driving crash earlier in life.

Thus the ultimate check the place Steve pumps Jeff with extra B-6 and tries to persuade, threaten, and harass the prisoner into sending a drug that’s primarily torture into Lizzy’s mind. Luckily for Lizzy, she wasn’t the one one in peril that day…



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