Sorry, progressives — The Post isn’t any outlier in reporting the horrors your crime reforms have triggered

Sorry, progressives — The Post isn’t any outlier in reporting the horrors your crime reforms have triggered

Progressives in Albany faux the reality on crime is difficult to find out; their denial can be laughable if it didn’t empower a lot unnecessary struggling.

“I maintain studying in some newspapers,” huffed Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz (D-Bronx) at a listening to Monday “that rearrests are skyrocketing,” although knowledge introduced by Division of Criminal Justice Services boss Rossana Rosado present “the precise reverse.”

He plainly meant this newspaper — besides that we’ve primarily reported that crime is skyrocketing. And we’ve repeatedly explained why Rosado’s knowledge don’t remotely prove that the 2019 criminal-justice reforms aren’t fueling recidivism.

But the “don’t consider The Post” line certain labored contained in the listening to room. “Reliable knowledge doesn’t promote tabloids, does it?” snarked Assemblyman Charles Lavine (D-Nassau).

As the saying goes: lies, rattling lies — and the mutterings of Albany progressives.

For starters, different DCJS numbers are damning: They present that folks freed on cashless bail acquired rearrested 39.6% of the time whereas their case was pending; these with prior convictions or a pending case had been nabbed 44.6% of the time.

Each yr for the reason that 2019 bail reform, 30,000 to 40,000 defendants acquired hauled in for some offense dedicated whereas strolling round free, awaiting trial, thanks to those reforms.

And there’s gobs extra information. NYPD knowledge present that 327 shoplifters accounted for about 30% of the retail crimes in 2022, 46% of whom had prior felony convictions; a full quarter of these nabbed for housebreaking had been caught once more inside simply 60 days.

Last yr noticed 1,200 people arrested for housebreaking commit one other felony inside 60 days; in 2017, the quantity was 312. That’s a 285% spike.

Even soft-on-crime Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg acknowledges the 2019 “reforms” drove his case dismissals (arrests he couldn’t prosecute) from 48% to 74% for misdemeanors and from 21% to 35% for felonies. And George Soros-funded Albany DA David Soares has been detailing the disastrous influence of the modifications since before they even took effect.

Heck, the Rev. Al Sharpton has demanded fixes, notably to make sure recidivists are saved behind bars. He flagged one apparent results of the “reforms” final yr: Stores are “locking up my toothpaste” to forestall theft. Not to say all those which have closed, minimize hours or employed personal safety — all for the reason that 2019 modifications.

Ask the criminals themselves: On Tuesday, a pair of armed robbers shook down 13 folks in three separate boroughs in simply two hours. “In 24 hours I’ll be out,” bragged one suspect as he was nabbed.

Dinowitz, Lavine & Co. can carry on smirking into the wind, however a number of cherry-picked stats don’t change the fact, or undo they struggling they’ve triggered and proceed to inflict.



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