Saints Nektarios and Amphilochios and the Establishment of the Monastery of Saint Menas in Aegina

Saint Nektarios and the Monastery of Saint Menas in AeginaWhen Saint Nektarios went to Aegina, whereas he was researching to search out the place the place he would construct a monastery, he was acquired in a imaginative and prescient by Saint Dionysios of Zakynthos, who had previously been Metropolitan of Aegina, and mentioned to him:

“Come, Nektarios, I’ve been ready for you for years, at hand over the island to you.”

As Saint Nektarios was speaking with Saint Dionysios, he noticed a soldier additional on and requested Saint Dionysios:

“Who is he?”

“This,” he mentioned, “is Saint Menas; he lives right here and has a monastery in Aegina!”

Saint Nektarios, whereas within the abandoned Church of Saint Menas in Aegina, close to the traditional Temple of Aphaia, had foretold to his Nuns:

“A ladies’s monastery might be constructed right here.”

The Nuns who heard this mentioned:

“The creativeness of His Eminence is all the time about monasteries, however it’s inconceivable on this desolate, distant place to kind a monastery.”

Saint Amphilochios Makris and the Monastery of Saint Menas in AeginaYears after Saint Nektarios foretold the institution of the monastery within the space of the abandoned Church of Saint Menas, his prophecy was fulfilled by his pupil and religious baby Saint Amphilochios Makris. In the summer time of 1951, Saint Amphilochios based the Monastery of Saint Menas in Aegina. The property was donated by Christian, Konstantinos Kalokentis (later Monk Kyrillos).

Much effort was put into constructing this monastery. In truth, the hieromonk Paul helped him rather a lot within the labor. The good Elder thought that it was a chance to repay the love and hospitality provided to such good Aeginites through the years of his exile. Establishing this monastery, he devoted it to the identify of Saint Menas, as a result of he drastically revered him.

It is alleged that locked up one evening in his cell, in that murky and unsure time for Greece, when the civil struggle had not but ended and the Greeks didn’t know who was their good friend and who was their enemy, and considering that the monastery was unattainable and the nuns unattended, he heard the gallop of a horse and, leaning out of his window, he noticed a younger man on horseback strolling across the monastery and saying to him:

“Don’t be afraid, Amphilochios. I’m evening and day the guardian of the nuns.”

The Elder in a small church humbly and peacefully officiated the liturgy for the souls who adopted him. Unfortunately, the great Elder appointed a widowed abbess of Athens, who had, it appears, by no means learn the lifetime of her fellow citizen Saint Philothei. She handled him harshly and contemptuously in her service. In 1968, driving up from the Monastery of Saint Nektarios to the Monastery of Saint Menas, he mentioned:

-Poor baby, what number of occasions have I walked up and down this highway, typically disillusioned and typically inspired.”

Very rapidly the abbess overruled the Elder with numerous petty excuses and requested that they be positioned underneath the religious steering of Father Philotheos Zervakos, who even tonsured them within the nice schema, with out the Elder’s information, which made him very unhappy, however as all the time he saved the silence of the Crucified One. He mentioned many occasions:

“Not all issues want solutions, quite it turns into noise and never profit.”

Later, within the mid-fifties, the abbess got here right down to Patmos with a notary public and demanded that the monastery be registered to them, which he did with none objection. Sick in mattress he signed the contract. On his face you possibly can see “I neither disobey nor contradict”. In truth, the notary mentioned to the abbess:

“You need to pay some symbolic worth to the Elder.”

She then took out and gave him her latehusband’s watch. Since then, the Elder was amused and mentioned:

-A monastery for a watch, my brother.”

A customer to the Monastery of Saint Menas in Aegina in 1968 was disillusioned to search out on the partitions of the Synodikon there have been hung pictures of many and numerous individuals, apart from the builder Amphilochios. The Elder neither commented nor seemed into it. His thoughts was elsewhere.



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