Saint Kosmas Aitolos, the Secret to His Success

Saint Kosmas Aitolos, the Secret to His Success

By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos(Excerpt from his Homily Delivered in Mega Dendron on August 24, 2022)

Of all of the factors of the life and exercise of Saint Kosmas, one attribute level should be emphasised which is the key of his success, of the impact his phrase had on the individuals, other than the power of Divine Grace.Wherever he spoke he arrange a Cross and on the identical time positioned a stool in order that he may very well be seen, as a result of he was of small stature. The mixture between the Cross, the stool and his fully honest phrases and the simplicity of his life, that he had no “bag”, as he mentioned, have been among the many secrets and techniques of his success.

With the Cross he confirmed that it’s the energy of the Church and that the Resurrection is related with the Cross. The Cross confirmed the endurance we should have in our lives and that it’s the harbinger of the Resurrection and the liberation of the Greek Nation. Of course, there was additionally the affiliation that we now have a Crucified and Risen Christ in distinction to Judaism and Islam.

With the “stool”, as he mentioned, he confirmed the dying of the passions, the cultivation of the reminiscence of dying, our mortality and its transcendence with the Grace of God.

By his reference to not having a “bag” he confirmed that he’s selfless, not looking for to use the individuals.

Of course, these three parts, i.e. Cross, “stool” and the absence of a “bag” are expressions of his apostolic and prophetic life.

This can be the key, if we need to provide our labor on behalf of the Church and society, that’s, it’s the lifetime of the Cross, selflessness.

Unfortunately, in our time there prevails life as anti-Cross which is the hedonistic lifestyle, which is definitely the denial of the thriller of the Cross.

Seeking happiness is the nice trendy illness that creates conflicts of curiosity. Because the intuition of self-preservation prevails, wars are created and peace flees. Happiness is the satisfaction of needs and this illness is cured by purification, illumination and deification, as skilled by Saint Kosmas.

Saint Kosmas is a mannequin of life for all of us, clergy, monks and laity, rulers and people in public workplace.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.



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