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Dr. Julie Russak is a board-certified dermatologist and founding father of Russak Dermatology Clinic and Russak+ Aesthetic Center.

Significant hair-loss impacts 20% of all COVID sufferers who’ve been hospitalized. Among those that didn’t have acute signs, the share could also be even greater. It’s troubling, however Russak Dermatology Clinic may also help.

About three months after an individual recovers from COVID-19, extra clumps of hair come out in a single’s hand, persist with the again or clog the bathe drain. A brush incorporates rather more hair than regular, or hair litters the lavatory flooring or a mattress pillow in disturbing quantities.

Some hair loss – about 100 hairs per day – is pure and regular. When that will increase to 300 or extra hairs per day, one thing shouldn’t be proper. Post-COVID, if hair thins perceptibly, the situation is named telogen effluvium.

Telogen effluvium shouldn’t be particular to COVID. It can occur a number of months after any time the physique undergoes stress, equivalent to after a excessive fever, the flu or one other severe sickness, so it’s no shock that it occurs to COVID sufferers. It’s additionally widespread throughout being pregnant and after giving beginning, and sure medicines can set off it. However, because the starting of the pandemic, the incidence of telogen effluvium has elevated 400 p.c. The hair loss related to telogen effluvium happens totally on the top and extreme shedding can proceed for a lot of months.

Scientists have but to hyperlink hair-loss on to the COVID virus. Most specialists agree that the stress associated to contracting COVID, anxiousness over the illness, job loss, emotions of isolation and despair, and modifications in life-style because of the pandemic are the true culprits. The excellent news is that normally of telogen effluvium, hair progress and loss return to regular, but it surely takes a very long time, as much as a yr.

Dr. Julie Russak’s signature Hair Restoration Therapy is a protected, nonsurgical option to stimulate hair progress. The remedy combines Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, Exosome Stem Cell injections, subtle microneedling and topical and oral dietary supplements. It’s a novel, clinically-proven method that’s extra proactive as a result of it delivers these regenerative substances into the scalp, awakening hair follicles and stimulating hair progress.

PRP Therapy

Blood platelets include a whole bunch of therapeutic proteins referred to as progress components, that are identified for his or her regenerative qualities. Normally, platelets make up about 10 p.c of the blood’s mobile elements. In PRP Therapy, that proportion is flipped to 90 p.c. When platelet-rich plasma is infused into the scalp, it encourages hair progress at an accelerated fee.

During a Hair Restoration Therapy remedy, first a phlebotomist attracts a small pattern of the affected person’s blood, which is spun in a centrifuge designed to pay attention platelets. In essence, the pink and white blood cells are separated from the platelets and plasma (clear-gold fluid), creating PRP. The focus of platelets in PRP, and thus the focus of progress components, might be as much as ten occasions larger than in regular blood.

Once the PRP is remoted, the clinician injects and microneedles the PRP into the scalp. Microneedling ensures the precious progress components within the PRP penetrate straight into the hair follicles, and injections permit the PRP to get even deeper into the pores and skin. The progress components within the PRP then stimulate stem cells across the hair follicles into an energetic progress section.

In addition, non-platelet elements of the blood plasma are current in decrease quantities, and incorporates vitamins, nutritional vitamins, hormones, electrolytes and proteins which might be important to hair well being. As a outcome, hair grows again and at a sooner fee than if left solely to Mother Nature.

Exosome Booster

Exosomes are a brand new breakthrough in regenerative hair remedy that triggers therapeutic, cell stimulation and regeneration. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles, or small bubbles, launched from stem cells. They include genetic alerts that stimulate cells, on this case wholesome hair follicles.

The exosomes launched by regenerative cells equivalent to stem cells are potent drivers of restore, regeneration and therapeutic. When hair loss happens, exosomes sign the follicles to heal themselves which stimulates new hair progress. Exosomes include bioactive molecules that play a vital position in cell-to-cell communications and are important in all mobile regenerative processes. When they’re infused straight into the scalp, the result’s intensive hair rejuvenation, particularly when mixed with PRP Therapy.

Reversing Other Types of Hair Loss

Thinning hair may result from many alternative components along with COVID and stress, together with household historical past, hormonal modifications, sure illness and medicines, scalp imbalance and extra. PRP Therapy enhanced with an Exosome Booster delivers a complete method to treating hair loss in lots of conditions. Any one who has skilled “miniaturization”, or hair thinning, is a perfect candidate for this confirmed hair restoration remedy. It’s custom-made for every affected person with the objective of reactivating the hair follicles.

The protocol consists of 4 classes spaced one month aside, with upkeep therapies each 4 to 6 months after that to maintain hair follicles stimulated and to keep up hair progress. These in-clinic therapies are augmented by oral dietary supplements and Russak Dermatology’s proprietary topical spray, referred to as Hair Fortifying RX.

Hair Fortifying RX is a concentrated mix of nutritional vitamins and hair regrowth stimulants, together with 10% minoxidil, which reduces irritation across the follicle and stimulates hair regrowth by itself. When mixed with Hair Restoration Therapy, the result’s fuller, denser hair!

Selected by the New York Times as a “New York Super Doctor”, Dr. Julie Russak, M.D., FAAD, is a board-certified dermatologist, Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and the founder/CEO of Russak Dermatology Clinic in New York City. In addition to offering complete care in beauty and medical dermatology by way of the clinic, she serves on the school of Mount Sinai Hospital and was awarded Teacher of the Year in 2022. Her experience contains normal, beauty and pediatric dermatology, pores and skin most cancers and dermatologic surgical procedure. For extra data, go to



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