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V. Vijayendra Prasad is presently engaged on the script for the sequel to “RRR,” along with his personal tackle “Mahabharata.” For the uninitiated, “Mahabharata” focuses on the familial struggles between two teams of cousins throughout the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pāṇḍava princes and their successors. There’s loads to attract from in “Mahabharata,” together with high-drama tales of royal energy struggles not not like one thing out of “House of the Dragon.”

Prasad stated during his masterclass that he is all the time seeking to make his viewers “starvation” for extra, and crafting out the very best movement of a narrative and the twists inside it. “You can take into consideration what would occur earlier than that incident and what occurs after,” he stated. “I consider excessive factors after which join them. You should create one thing out of nothing.” He makes use of a method he named “clapping factors,” that are the foremost moments that may trigger an viewers to applaud, and the way vital it’s “to hold the viewer from one clapping level to the subsequent, until the crescendo.”

“Within 5 minutes the viewer must be hooked to the film, they need to know the character of the film and the place it will finish. This is the psychological map I observe,” he stated. Indian epics are stuffed with “clapping moments,” particularly a narrative like “Mahabharata” which contains smaller narrative tales and philosophical discussions all through the story. As a candy nearer, Prasad additionally acknowledged his tales’ lack of girls leads and joked that he’d gladly take a pay lower if it meant somebody would greenlight one in every of his women-led scripts.

So, uh, whose gonna give Prasad the price range he deserves?



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