Rian Johnson Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

When it really works, there’s a nice frivolousness about Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo because the thieving brother who wine and dine Rachel Weisz, their daffy however rich mark, within the film’s higher moments. Together, they journey by steamship, practice, and nearly each different antiquated mode of transportation from the times of Preston Sturges. It doesn’t make lots of sense within the movie’s fashionable setting, nevertheless it performs higher than when the film awkwardly pivots towards heists and double dealing confidence video games. Perhaps Brody and Ruffalo ought to’ve traded components? There’s nonetheless a fizzy enjoyable hidden inside, however the Brothers Bloom too usually depend on bromides. – David Crow

5. Brick (2005)

To name Brick the “detective noir set in a highschool” is correct. But it additionally does it a disservice. Yes, Brick is as quirky as that top idea phrase implies it could be, committing to its bit with abandon even because it hisses anachronistic dialogue via the gritted enamel of its younger solid. The broadest strokes of Brick, involving drug dealing and different youthful indiscretions, could possibly be the premise of a much more “straight” telling, however even this early in his profession, Johnson shows his knack for casting and an ear for dialogue, even when/particularly when it’s dialogue that’s about 60 years faraway from its setting. 

Brick may have been a novelty act. But as an alternative of simply leaning on the admittedly humorous beats that watching fashionable high-schooler spout hard-boiled lingo result in, the movie invitations you right into a secret world all its personal with intricate guidelines and particulars that suggest these “grownup” performances are actually what’s taking place every time dad and mom aren’t trying. And it’s all wrapped up with an ending that’s each bit as bitter and ambiguous because the style may hope for. And we have now to ask: Is the movie’s “hero” Brendan Frye, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s best efficiency? Could be…  – Mike Cecchini

Daniel Craig in Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery

4. Glass Onion (2022)

Few would accuse Glass Onion, the second entry in Rian Johnson’s collection of Benoit Blanc whodunnits, of holding again. This 2022 Netflix movie loudly and proudly tears down the superstar influencer industrial advanced with all of the subtlety of an atom bomb when Southern dandy detective Benoit Blanc heads to a distant tech billionaire’s island to unravel one other “moooiiurder.” The reality is, nevertheless, we reside in unsubtle occasions, and every so often a filmmaker must step up and declare, “Doesn’t anybody else discover this? I really feel like I’m taking loopy tablets!” Mugatu-style.

In addition to its satisfyingly bloodthirsty social commentary, Glass Onion is as soon as once more a finely crafted homicide thriller. Like Knives Out earlier than it, the actual crime on the middle of Glass Onion isn’t revealed till the film’s second act. By that time, viewers have already purchased into the world because of succesful performances from an all-star solid, together with Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr., Dave Bautista, Kathryn Hahn, and the fantastic Janelle Monáe. That’s not even to say Edward Norton’s timely turn as dimwitted tech bro Miles Bron. And after all, none of it could work with out Daniel Craig embodying the more and more iconic gumshoe Benoit Blanc. – Aleec Bojalad

3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

This is the film that broke Star Wars fandom—or a minimum of revealed its Dark Side whereas providing a luminous new path into the sunshine. After J.J. Abrams’ admirable however cautious relaunch of Star Wars by way of The Force Awakens (2015), a comfortable and overly acquainted retread of the franchise’s best hits, Johnson got here to bat and startled followers with a film that sidestepped components in favor of a bigger, extra nuanced palette from which the Skywalker Saga may draw.



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