Evaluation: Monster Harvest – Deficient Execution Of A Promising ‘Stardew Valley X Pokémon’ Premise

It will have to be tricky to be a hopeful dev running on a farm sim challenge. Stardew Valley—a easy taking a look challenge made through one man—has so successfully raised the bar for what a natural farm sim will also be that matching it kind of feels virtually inconceivable through this level. The one method {that a} new recreation may feasibly beat it could be through introducing cutting edge new concepts or mechanics that grow to be the style in techniques no one else may’ve imagined. Monster Harvest, the most recent unlock from Level Transparent Studios, aimed to do exactly that and the consequences are… smartly, they aren’t nice. There are some redeeming qualities to Monster Harvest, however that is a ways shape the Stardew Valley-killer you might have was hoping it may well be.

Monster Harvest starts with a well-recognized story the place you—a upset city-dweller—obtain a letter from an uncle you haven’t spoken to in years asking you to come back maintain his unkempt farm. Because it seems, your uncle is if truth be told an eccentric scientist and his farm were given sidelined on account of a significant leap forward he made in his analysis. You spot, your uncle discovered a strategy to create a brand new species of plant/animal hybrids that are known as… Planimals… and now an evil company known as SlimeCo. simply moved into the city and might or won’t have nefarious plans for those new entities.

It’s now not a lot of a tale, and we will be able to all agree that “Planimals” is a completely horrible title, however farm sims like this are hardly ever recognized for his or her in-depth narratives. What they are recognized for, alternatively, is having a fairly in-depth group of fellow townspeople who you’ll befriend and construct relationships with through the years. That part remains to be provide and accounted for right here, however the townspeople are sadly now not given very a lot intensity. There’s best the vaguest sense of this being an interconnected group with a shared historical past, and the forgettable characters are most commonly relegated to being shopkeepers and loiterers. The ones of you who respect that social part to farm sims will probably be sorely upset, then, even though the gameplay isn’t part dangerous.

Take one take a look at Monster Harvest and it’s abundantly transparent how a lot this one is copping from Stardew Valley, however this can be a excellent instance of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t repair it” philosophy. You start with only some greenbacks and a ratty, overgrown farm, however issues slowly begin to come in combination each day as you diligently generally tend in your farm chores. There’s a small number of vegetation you’ll plant for each and every season, and you’ve got to watch out to water them on a daily basis and stay scavengers from selecting away at them sooner than they’re in a position to reap. Whenever you’ve were given a harvest, you’ll then promote the ones vegetation off for a pleasing benefit and both reinvest in additional vegetation, or spend out for higher equipment or extra amenities.

If Monster Harvest merely targeted extra in this part of the gameplay loop, we may well be taking a look at an attractive excellent, if uninspired take at the farm sim style. It wanted one thing to set itself aside from the pack, alternatively, so the builders opted to fuse this gameplay taste with *tests notes* a monster-catching RPG. No longer lengthy after beginning your farm, you’re given get admission to to a distinct roughly slime that may flip a budding crop right into a Planimal that straight away befriends you, whilst you’ll get other Planimals through placing the slime on other vegetation. As soon as you’re feeling at ease along with your group, you’ll then make a run into a close-by randomly-generated dungeon to battle enemies and win extra candies to increase your farm with.

The fights in those dungeons are the place the wheels actually start to fall off, sufficient in order that they virtually totally undermine the theory of getting monster groups to start with. Making touch with an enemy in a dungeon may have you leap to a separate struggle display screen during which you’re compelled to undergo one of the crucial driest and maximum dull struggle methods we’ve ever observed in an RPG. Irrespective of what number of Planimals you could have on your group, best the lead person who used to be following you’ll be allowed to take part in struggle, and also you best have 3 strikes at best possible at your disposal.

The issue is, strikes #2 and #3 are locked at the back of stage gates for each and every Planimal, which means that almost all of them will best have one imaginable transfer they may be able to use to start out out. Even with all 3 strikes unlocked, there’s subsequent to no technique in fights, and it normally devolves to an issue of mashing ‘A’ and looking at issues play out. Worse but, there are slightly any animations when a transfer is used, so that you simply form of watch each and every Planimal awkwardly warp over to its foe, unmoving, as a tacky impact flashes and their HP is going down slightly extra. Suffice to mention, the fight this is so bafflingly fundamental it virtually comes throughout as satirical; it’s actually mind-blowing to suppose {that a} recreation which pitched monster-battling as a large promoting level has this kind of simplistic implementation of the particular monster-battling section. We’re now not exaggerating after we say that it provides not anything to the sport, and best serves to make an in a different way inoffensive farm sim that a lot worse.

Fortunately, Monster Harvest is redeemed reasonably through its presentation, which makes use of a visible taste now not not like the ‘HD-2D’ glance of Octopath Traveler to nice impact. Timber, structures, and ponds are all drawn with an outstanding stage of element, and such things as a swinging hook placing off a rooftop or the rustle of leaves within the wind assist to promote the immersion on this global. Sadly, the price of those beautiful visuals is an steadily risky body fee, which turns out adore it will also be any place from 20-40 FPS on the drop of a hat.

We really feel particular consideration will have to be paid to the UI as smartly, which is painfully dangerous to navigate by the use of controller. Merchandise descriptions are steadily written in a tiny font that doesn’t glance excellent at the TV or the Transfer displays, whilst menus themselves are steadily specified by a complicated model that’s tough to navigate. It takes a minute simply to determine the place the darned cursor is whilst you open the menu, and shifting it round can steadily be an workout in futility because it steadily chooses to make a choice the object subsequent to the object you had been looking to seize. This may occasionally look like a minor factor, however a farm sim like this has you opening and the usage of menus relatively slightly, and it’s at all times a bother each time it’s important to do it.


Monster Harvest is a superb instance of why nice concepts additionally want to be adopted up with nice execution. There’s not anything flawed with the theory of a farm sim with monster-catching components, however Monster Harvest does a coarse task of convincing you of that. The monster RPG content material is so poorly executed that it would as smartly have now not been carried out in any respect, because it obviously took focal point clear of the respectable farm sim portion of the gameplay. Amazingly, the farm sim gameplay nonetheless redeems this sufficient that it’s now not an entire dumpster fireplace, however we’d best give this the barest of suggestions to any one in search of any other access within the style. Take our phrase for it, you’re a lot at an advantage simply beginning over with a brand new farm in Stardew Valley, or selecting up Rune Manufacturing facility 4.


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