Reflection on the Twelfth Sunday of Matthew (St. Theophan the Recluse)

 Twelfth Sunday of MatthewMatthew 19:16-26

By St. Theophan the Recluse 

is tough for a wealthy man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matt. 19:26). Here is supposed a
wealthy man who sees in his personal self many strategies and plenty of powers unto his
personal prosperity. But as quickly as one who has many possessions cuts off
all attachment to them, extinguishes inside himself all reliance on
them, and ceases to see them as his substantial assist, then in his
coronary heart he is similar as one who possesses nothing — for on this method is
the highway to the dominion open. Riches are then not solely a hindrance, however a
assist, for they supply the means for charitable works. Riches should not
the misfortune, however fairly reliance upon them and attachment to them.
This thought could be generalized on this method: whoever depends on one thing
and is hooked up to one thing is wealthy in that factor. Whoever depends on
God alone and cleaves to Him with all his coronary heart is wealthy in God. Whoever
depends on one thing else turns his coronary heart to it as an alternative of God — such a
particular person is wealthy on this different factor, however not in God. From this it follows
that he who is just not wealthy in God has no entrance into the dominion of God.
Here are meant things like delivery, connections, thoughts, rank, circle of
actions and so forth. 



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