Reflection on the Ecclesiastical New Year (St. Theophan the Recluse)

 By St. Theophan the Recluse

The Lord didn’t solely come to evangelise the appropriate 12 months, however He introduced it as effectively. Where is it? In the souls of believers. The earth won’t ever turn out to be paradise underneath the present state of affairs; however it’s and will likely be an enviornment of preparation for the heavenly life. The rudiments of heavenly life are positioned within the soul, the likelihood for it lies in God’s grace, whereas grace was introduced by our Lord Jesus Christ — who introduced, consequently, the appropriate 12 months for souls. He who listens to the Lord and fulfils all that’s commanded by Him, receives grace, and with its energy enjoys the appropriate 12 months inside himself. This really happens in all who sincerely imagine and act in line with religion. You is not going to fill your soul with this acceptableness by considering; you have to act, and it’ll enter in by itself. There may not be any outer peace, simply inside, and but it can’t be separated from Christ. But it all the time occurs that as quickly as inside peace is established, outer disturbances are neither bitter nor heavy. Thus, this side can be acceptable — it solely look like a chilly winter on the skin.



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