Reflection for the Monday of the Holy Spirit (St. Theophan the Recluse)

 By St. Theophan the Recluse

Comforting His disciples, the Lord mentioned that it is going to be higher for them if He rises to heaven, for upon rising, instead of Himself He will ship the Comforter — the Spirit. The Holy Spirit has descended and abides within the Church, engaging in in every believer the work of Christ. Each Christian is a communicant of the Spirit. This is one thing so essential, that in truth whoever doesn’t have the Spirit just isn’t of Christ. Look carefully at your self — is the Spirit of grace inside you? For it doesn’t stay in everybody; it may possibly depart. Here are the indicators of His presence: first He finds a spirit of repentance and teaches a Christian to show to God and proper his life; the spirit of repentance, engaging in its work, passes the Christian on to a spirit of holiness and purity, which is succeeded, finally, by a spirit of adoption. The attribute of the primary is a work-loving zeal; the attribute of the second is heat and a candy burning of the guts; the attribute of the third is a sense of adoption whereby the guts sighs to God: “Abba, Father!” (Mk. 14:36). Examine which of those ranges you’re on. If you aren’t on any of them, take look after your self. 



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