Radhastami, Appearance Day of Srimati Radharani

Appearance day of Srimati Radharani, the consort of Sri Krisnha

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ISKCON News and Rukmini Walker from Urban Devi want you a Happy Radhastami


From a lecture spoken by Srila Prabhupada
Radhastami, Srimati Radharani’s Appearance Day.
Montreal, August 30, 1968

Radharani is the pleasure efficiency of Krishna. Krishna is the Supreme Brahman. Just attempt to perceive. Krishna is the Supreme Brahman. Param brahma param dhama pavitram paramam bhavan [Bg. 10.12]. So when param brahma needs to get pleasure from… That having fun with spirit is there within the param brahma. Otherwise, we can’t have this having fun with spirit. Because we’re half and parcel, subsequently we now have received that having fun with spirit; however that’s materially contaminated. But the very fact is there, as a result of Krishna, He is having fun with, this having fun with spirit we now have received additionally, however I have no idea methods to get pleasure from. We try to get pleasure from within the matter, within the uninteresting matter. That is non secular. So brahman, brahman sukhanubhutya. People try to really feel what’s brahma- sukha, pleasure of brahmanubhava. That will not be materials pleasure. So many yogis, they’ve given up their household life, their kingdom, and meditating to realize that Brahman pleasure. Actually, the concept is Brahman pleasure. So many brahmacaris, so many sannyasis, they’re making an attempt to realize that Brahman pleasure, and to be able to obtain that Brahman pleasure they’re neglecting, they’re kicking off all this materials pleasure. Do you assume that Brahman pleasure is odd, this materials pleasure? To obtain a portion of Brahman pleasure, if they’re kicking off all this materials pleasure… Don’t discuss of ourselves. We are odd males. In the historical past we now have received cases, that of Bharata Maharaja. Bharata Maharaja, below whose title this planet is named Bharatavarsa. That Bharata Maharaja was the emperor of the entire world. And as emperor he had his lovely spouse, younger kids. But on the age of twenty-four years, simply younger man, he gave up every part. All proper. This could be very previous story, in fact, however you understand Lord Buddha. He was additionally a prince. He was additionally prince, not odd man, and he was ksatriya, and he was at all times having fun with with lovely ladies. That is the palace pleasure accustomed in each, in Oriental nations, that within the palace there are various lovely women, they’re at all times dancing and giving pleasure to the kings and the prince. So Lord Buddha was additionally in such pleasure, however he gave up every part and commenced to meditate.

There are many lots of of cases in Indian historical past that to appreciate the Brahman pleasure they gave up every part. They gave up every part. That is the way in which. Tapasya means voluntarily accepting one thing extreme for realizing the supreme pleasure. That is named tapasya. So if, for tasting a bit of Brahman pleasure, all materialistic pleasures are to be given up, do you assume that the Supreme Brahman, Lord Krishna, is having fun with this materials pleasure? Is it very cheap? This Krishna, He’s having fun with laksmi-sahasra-sata-sambhrama-sevyamanam [Bs. 5.29]. Hundreds and 1000’s of goddess of fortune are engaged in His service. Do you assume these laksmis are materials ladies? How Krishna can get pleasure from the fabric ladies? No. This is mistake. Ananda-cinmaya-rasa-pratibhavitabhis tabhir ya eva nija-rupataya kalabhih [Bs. 5.37]. In the Brahma-samhita you’ll discover that He expands His ananda-cinmaya-rasa, the mellow of transcendental pleasure efficiency. And these gopis are growth of His pleasure efficiency. And Radharani is the middle. Radharani is the middle. So Radharani will not be… Don’t take that Radharani is an odd lady like we now have our spouse or sister or mom. No. She is the pleasure efficiency. And the start of Radharani was not from the womb of any human being. She was discovered by her father within the area. While father was plowing, he noticed one little good little one is mendacity there, and he had no kids, so he caught it and introduced to the queen, “Oh, right here we now have received a really good little one.” “How you bought?” “Oh, within the area.” Just see. Radharani’s janma is like that. So this janma is at this time and Radha, this title is usually not present in Bhagavata. So the atheistic class of males protest this Radharani’s title will not be within the Srimad-Bhagavatam. How this title got here, Radharani? But they have no idea methods to see it. There is anayaradhyate. There are many gopis, however there may be point out that by this specific gopi He is served extra pleasingly. Krishna accepts this gopi’s service extra gladly. Anayaradhyate. Aradhyate. This aradhate, this phrase, aradhyate means worshiping. From this phrase aradhyate, Radha has come. But Radha’s title are there in different Puranas. So that is the origin.

So Radha, so Radha and Krishna. Krishna is the enjoyer and He needs to get pleasure from. So He’s the Supreme Brahman. He can’t get pleasure from something, atmarama, He can get pleasure from it in Himself. Therefore Radharani is the growth of His pleasure efficiency. Krishna hasn’t received to hunt exterior issues for His pleasure. No. He is in Himself full, atmarama. So Radharani is growth of Krishna. Krishna is the energetic, and Radharani is the power. Just like power and energetic, you can not separate. Fire and the warmth you can not separate. Wherever there may be hearth there may be warmth, and wherever there may be warmth there may be hearth. Similarly, wherever there may be Krishna there may be Radha. And wherever there may be Radha there may be Krishna. They are inseparable. But He is having fun with. So Svarupa Damodara Gosvami has described this intricate philosophy of Radha and Krishna in a single verse, very good verse. Radha krishna-pranaya-vikrtir hladini-saktir asmad ekatmanav api bhuvi pura deha-bhedam gatau tau [Cc. Adi 1.5]. So Radha and Krishna is the one Supreme, however to be able to get pleasure from, They have divided into two. Again Lord Chaitanya joined the 2 into one. Chaitanyakhyam prakatam adhuna. That one means Krishna within the ecstasy of Radha. Sometimes Krishna is in ecstasy of Radha. Sometimes Radha is in ecstasy of Krishna. This is happening. But the entire thing is Radha and Krishna means the one, the Supreme.

So Radha-Krishna philosophy is a really nice philosophy. It is to be understood within the liberated stage. Radha-Krishna philosophy is to not be understood within the conditioned stage. But after we worship Radha-Krishna in our conditional stage, truly we worship Laksmi-Narayana. You have seen that image, this viddhi-marg and raga-marg. Radha-Krishna worship is on the platform of pure love, and Laksmi-Narayana worship is on the regulative rules. So lengthy we don’t develop our pure love, we now have to worship on the regulative rules. One has to change into a brahmachari, one has to change into a sannyasi, one has to carry out the worship on this manner, within the morning he has to rise, he has to supply. So many guidelines and rules. There are at the very least sixty-four guidelines and rules. So we will introduce them progressively as you develop. So within the viddhi-marg, when you don’t have any love for God or Krishna, we now have to observe the regulative rules and mechanically…, there may be observe. When training. Just such as you observe this mridanga taking part in. In the start it isn’t so as, however if you change into effectively versed within the observe, the sound will come so good. Similarly, after we are engaged by regulative rules within the worship of Radha-Krishna, that is named viddhi-marg. And truly when you’re on the love platform, then that is named raga-marg. So with out viddhi-marg, if anybody needs to study the raga-marg instantly, that’s foolishness. That is foolishness. Nobody can cross M.A. examination with out going via the regulative rules of major colleges and schools. So subsequently I don’t, I imply to say, indulge within the discussions of Radha and Krishna so simply. Rather go on with the regulative precept at this time second. Gradually, as you change into purified, as you change into on the transcendental platform, you’ll perceive what’s Radha-Krishna. Don’t attempt to perceive Radha-Krishna in a short time. It is a really huge topic. If we wish to perceive Radha-Krishna in a short time, then there can be so many prakrita-sahajiyas. In India there are prakrita-sahajiya. Just like Radha-Krishna dancing. Radha-Krishna has change into a plaything. The portray Radha-Krishna, Krishna is kissing Radha, Radha is kissing. These are all nonsense. Radha-Krishna philosophy must be understood by the liberated individual, not by the conditioned soul. So we will await for the lucky second after we are liberated, then we will perceive radha- krishna-pranaya-vikrtir. Because Krishna and Radha, They should not on the fabric area. Try to grasp. This is Jiva Gosvami’s evaluation, that Krishna is the Supreme Brahman. The Supreme Brahman can’t settle for something materials. So Radha will not be within the materials area.

Now there’s a very good track. I shall sing in case you can play on the
harmonium. Yes. This is a Rupa Gosvami’s track. (sings)

radhe jaya jaya madhava-dayite
lalita-sakhi guna-ramita-visakhe
karunam kuru mayi karuna-bharite
radhe jaya jaya madhava-dayite

This track was sung by Rupa Gosvami. He is the true individual, precise individual, to grasp Radha and Krishna. So he says, “All glories to Radharani.” Radhe jaya jaya madhava-dayite. “She’s so pricey to Krishna.” Krishna, everyone seems to be making an attempt to like Krishna, however Krishna is making an attempt to like any person. Now how nice She is. Just attempt to perceive. Everyone, the entire world, the entire universe, all residing entities, they’re making an attempt to like Krishna. Krishna-prem. Lord Chaitanya describes, prema-pumartho mahan. And Rupa Gosvami described that “You are distributing krishna- prem.” So krishna-prem is so worthwhile, however Krishna is after Radharani. Just see how Radharani is nice. Just attempt to perceive the greatness of Radharani. Therefore She is so nice, and we now have to supply our respect. Radhe jaya jaya madhava-dayite. How She is? Gokula-taruni-mandala-mahite. Taruni, taruni means younger women. You’ll see the photographs, they’re all younger women. But of all of the younger women, She is essentially the most lovely. She is enchanting to the younger women additionally. She is so lovely. Gokula-taruni- mandala-mahite. Damodara-rati-vardhana-vese. And She at all times clothes Her so properly that Damodara, Krishna, turns into attracted by Her magnificence. Hari- niskuta-vrnda-vipinese. And She is the one lovable object of Krishna, and She is the queen of Vrndavan. This queen of Vrndavan… You’ll discover in Vrndavan, in case you go to Vrndavan, everyone seems to be worshiping Radharani. Rani means queen. They are at all times talking, “Jaya Radhe!” Radharani. All the devotees in Vrndavan, they’re worshiper of Radharani. Hari-niskuta-vrnda- vipinese. Vrsabhanu-dadhi-nava-sasi-lekhe. And She appeared because the daughter of King Vrsabhanu, and Her companion, Lalita-sakhi and Visakha- sakhi, and the devotees… So on behalf of the pure devotees of Krishna, Rupa Gosvami is praying, karunam kuru mayi karuna-bharite. “Oh, my worshipable Radharani, You are stuffed with mercy. So I’m begging of Your mercy as a result of You are so merciful, very simply You supply, bestow Your mercy. So I’m begging Your mercy.” Karunam kuru mayi karuna-bharite, sanaka-sanatana-varnita-carite. Now any person could say, “Oh, you’re so nice, realized scholar, you’re so nice saintly individual, and you’re begging mercy from an odd lady? How is that?” Therefore Rupa Gosvami says, “Oh, this isn’t odd lady.” Sanaka-sanatana-varnita- carite. “This lady’s description is feasible to be made by nice saintly individuals like Sanaka-Sanatana. She will not be odd.” So the lesson is that we must always not deal with Radharani as odd lady, or Krishna as odd man. They are the Supreme Absolute Truth. But within the Absolute Truth, there may be the pleasure efficiency, and that’s exhibited within the dealings of Radha and Krishna. And Radha’s growth all of the gopis, and Krishna is the Supreme Lord. Thank you very a lot. Chant Hare Krishna. You can chant? Can you chant? Janardana? All proper, you possibly can chant. What is that? No, I’ve defined that one sloka from this Rama-carita-manasa. Chant Hare Krishna. (finish)



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