Prime Minister Narendra Modi Releases Commemorative Coin on one hundred and twenty fifth Birth Anniversary of Srila Prabhupada

PM’s address on the occasion of 125th Birth Anniversary of Swami Prabhupada Ji (in English)

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Hare Krishna

On this auspicious event, we’re joined by our nation’s Minister of Culture Sriman Jaikrishan Reddy, ISKCON Bureau President Sri Gopal Krishna Gosvamiji, and from international locations type everywhere in the world, our pals the devotees of Lord Krishna.

The day earlier than yesterday was Sri Krishna Janmastami and in the present day we’re celebrating Srila Prabhupada’s one hundred and twenty fifth look anniversary. This is as if each the bliss and satisfaction of performing sadhana apply are acquired on the identical time. It is that this very feeling that everywhere in the world 1000’s and thousands and thousands of followers of Srila Prabhupada and 1000’s and thousands and thousands of Krishna devotees are experiencing in the present day.

I’m seeing dwell on my display screen, all of you devotees from numerous totally different international locations. It feels as if lots of of 1000’s of minds are united along with one feeling, lots of of 1000’s of our bodies united in a standard consciousness – that is Krishna Consciousness whose essence Srila Prabhupada delivered everywhere in the world.

My pals, everyone knows that Srila Prabhupada Swami was certainly a divine Krishna bhakta, and on the identical time was a fantastic patriot of India as properly. He labored exhausting within the struggle for our nation’s independence. In the civil disobedience effort he refused to even settle for his diploma from Scottish Churches College.

Today it’s a joyous event that our nation is celebrating the looks of such a fantastic character in the identical 12 months that Bharat (India) is celebrating its 75 Independence anniversary. Srila Prabhupada Swami at all times mentioned he’s traversing the international locations of the world as a result of he needs to offer Bharat’s (India’s) most dear reward to the world.

Bharat’s information and science, our residing tradition and traditions, their essence has at all times been “athabhuta dayam prati” which means that each one these are completely for the upliftment of the soul. The concluding mantra for all our rituals and ceremonies is at all times this “idam na mama”, which means “this providing isn’t for me, it’s for the whole universe, it’s for the advantage of all creation”. In 1922 Srila Prabhupada met his guru (religious grasp) Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura who instructed him to evangelise the message of Bharat to the English-speaking world.

Srila Prabhupada made this instruction of his guru into his life’s mission. Today the results of his austerity is seen in each nook of the world.

During the Amrut Mahotsav Celebration, Bharat additionally, specializing in everybody’s cooperation, everybody’s progress and everybody’s belief, with this as our mantra, has made related intentions the premise of its ongoing journey.

At the middle of those intentions, on the root of those targets, the one essence is the upliftment of the world and also you all are witness to this. In the success of those intentions, the cooperation of all is essential. You can think about that if Srila Prabhupadaji, alone, has given a lot to the world, then if all of us, together with his blessings, collectively, united we work collectively, what sorts of outcomes may we obtain! We will definitely attain that pinnacle of human consciousness from which we are able to play a a lot larger function on this planet and ship the message of affection to each individual.

My expensive pals, within the service of humanity, what Bharat can present to the world, we see this nice instance in the present day, unfold everywhere in the world, the information of our yoga, the custom of this yoga, the sustainable life-style of Bharat, and sciences similar to Ayurveda. It is our decided intention that the advantage of this data be given to the whole world.

On this mantra of self-reliance that Srila Prabhupada at all times spoke of, Bharat has made it its very goal and in that path our nation is progressing. Many occasions, wherever I discuss to our main industrialists and businessmen about this self-reliant Bharat and the “Make in India” motion, I at all times give the instance of the success of ISKCON’s Hare Krishna motion. Whenever we go to another nation and there when folks come collectively saying “Hare Krishna!” we really feel such a way of belonging, a lot pleasure. Imagine, if this very sense of possession and belonging is felt by us with our “Make in India” motion, how fantastic we are going to really feel. Learning from ISKCON, we are able to additionally attain these nice targets.


My expensive pals, Lord Krishna spoke within the Gita (4.38):

na hello jñānena sadṛśaṁ

pavitram iha vidyate

Meaning, there may be nothing extra elegant than information.

After giving information this sense of all-importance, He mentioned:

mayy eva mana ādhatsva

mayi buddhiḿ niveśaya

Meaning, after reaching information and realization, one ought to take up one’s thoughts and intelligence in Krishna. Surrender these to the devotional service of Krishna.

This religion and power is a yoga course of which is known as within the twelfth chapter of the Gita as Bhakti Yoga. And the impression of this bhakti yoga is substantial. The historical past of Bharat is witness to this. When Bharat was trapped below the sturdy grip of slavery, a Bharat pained by injustice, tyranny, and atrocities, couldn’t take note of its information and power, it was certainly solely this Bhakti yoga, that stored the consciousness of Bharat alive and stored the id of Bharat intact.

Today students acknowledge this proven fact that had there not been a social revolution of bhakti, then who is aware of the place Bharat would have ended up, in what form it might have been.

But in these tough occasions, nice saints like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu united our society with the consciousness of bhakti. He gave the mantra of turning belief into self-confidence. Differences of faith, variations in social standing, qualification, and non-qualification, bhakti erasing these variations made a direct connection between the soul and the auspicious divine.

My expensive pals, in the event you research the historical past of Bharat, then you definitely too will notice that to maintain this thread of bhakti linked, in numerous occasions and ages, rishis, maharishis, and nice thinkers stored coming into society. Once, a fantastic thinker Swami Vivekananda got here who introduced the Vedas to the West. When it got here time to unfold bhakti yoga, Srila Prabhupadaji and ISKCON took up the grand duty of this nice challenge.

He linked Bhaktivedanta to the consciousness of the world. This was no extraordinary accomplishment. At the age of practically 70, began a global group similar to ISKCON. He did this on the age the place folks usually scale back their life tasks and actions. This is a good inspiration for our society and for every particular person. Many occasions now we have seen, and other people do say “Now I’m too previous to do something” or “This isn’t the appropriate age to do this sort of work”.

But Srila Prabhupada Swami, proper from his very childhood and all through his life, remained agency in his targets and mission. When Prabhupadaji traveled by ship from India to America he had virtually no cash in his pocket. All he had was the wealth of Gita and Srimad Bhagavata. On the journey, he had two coronary heart assaults. When he reached New York, he didn’t have a correct facility for consuming and no correct place to remain. But within the subsequent 11 years, what the world noticed, within the phrases of the Late Atalji “This was at least a miracle”

Today within the numerous international locations of the world there are innumerable ISKCON temples and so many gurukulas are holding alive the religious teachings of Bharat.

ISKCON has proven the world that for Bharat, the phrase “religion” means hope, enthusiasm, pleasure, and belief in humanity. Today routinely in numerous international locations all over the world we see folks performing kirtan wearing conventional Indian clothes. Their gown is easy. They maintain of their palms’ devices like drums and cymbals, there may be melodious singing of the Hare Krishna mantra and they’re all dancing absorbed in religious peace and pleasure. When folks see this, they suppose that this can be a particular competition or program. But right here, this kirtan is an integral a part of our lives. This joyous type of religion has perpetually attracted folks everywhere in the world. This very bliss is giving new hope to our stress-filled world.

My expensive pals, Krishna says within the Gita (12.13)

adveṣṭā sarva-bhūtānāṁ

maitraḥ karuṇa eva ca

nirmamo nirahaṅkāraḥ

sama-duḥkha-sukhaḥ kṣamī

Meaning, the one who loves the soul, is compassionate to the soul, doesn’t envy or hate anybody, that individual could be very expensive to God. This very mantra, for 1000’s of years, has been the muse of the meditation of Bharat. The work of giving social help and worth to this meditation has been achieved by our temples. ISKCON temples are trendy facilities for this exact same service-driven custom.

I do not forget that after we had the earthquake in Kutch, the best way ISKCON stepped ahead to assist others. Any time now we have had any disasters within the nation, whether or not or not it’s the catastrophe in Uttarakhanda, or the cyclones in Orissa and Bengal, ISKCON has achieved the work of being the savior of society.

Even in the course of the corona pandemic, for thousands and thousands of sufferers and their relations, ISKCON devotees have been making preparations for meals and different requirements. Besides serving in the course of the pandemic, the wonderful challenge of feeding lots of of 1000’s of poor and hungry has been carried on by the devotees for a very long time.

Just as ISKCON has made hospitals for COVID sufferers, in the present day even within the vaccine rollout initiative, ISKCON devotees are serving to us. I preserve receiving these updates. I give my finest needs to ISKCON for this effort.

My expensive pals, in the present day, with the mantras of reality, service, and devotional apply, not solely are you performing service to Krishna, you’re additionally performing the function of brand name ambassador of Bharat’s beliefs and values.

The everlasting worth of Bharat is:  Sarve bhavantu sukhinaḥ Sarve santu nirāmayāḥ (May all be affluent and joyful. May all be free from sickness)

This very thought, by way of ISKCON, has change into the purpose of lots of and thousands and thousands. Love towards God, and seeing God in all beings, is the trail of perfection to attain this purpose. This path is given within the vibhuti yoga chapter of the Gita that the Lord has taught. We are assured that we are going to implement the mantra of vasudeva sarvam (Krishna is the whole lot) in our lives and can give this expertise of unity to all of humanity.


In this sentiment, I need to thanks all. Hare Krishna!



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