Practical Ways of Pushing Pride Aside

Pride has 4 species:  boastfulness, ostentation, hypocrisy, and ambition.  When we see them displayed in others, we discover them to be most unattractive.  However, we persist in adopting them for ourselves.  This is the nice paradox of satisfaction.  What we discover revolting in others, we select for ourselves.  How can we rid ourselves of this silly and unbecoming vice?  There are, happily, sensible methods wherein we will flip every one in all these 4 species of satisfaction apart.


The temptation to brag about our accomplishments may be very sturdy.  A sensible antidote for praising oneself is to reward others.  No matter how effectively we do something, there are innumerable others who do it higher.  It is way extra cheap to reward others quite than envy them.  Envy makes us sad and will get us nowhere.  We ought to rejoice within the accomplishments of others and be glad about having the ability to share their items.  The distinguished pianist Arthur Rubinstein as soon as mentioned that he was so grateful for the works of Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and different nice composers, that he would have been prepared to die for them.  When we reward others, quite than ourselves, we overcome the urge to boast.  This provides us a beautiful freedom from the futile process of making an attempt to persuade others that we’re higher than we’re.


Ostentation is assuming the position of the peacock, or, to place it extra merely, being a “show-off.”  Boasting includes phrases, ostentation includes possessions.  The acquisitive individual tries to impress others along with his apparel, his wealth, his standing, and even his car.  The competitors to outdo others could be most irritating.  Liberace as soon as instructed the world that his favourite slogan learn:  “the distinction between males and boys is the value of their toys.”  Preoccupation with possessions can intervene with rising up.  “Keeping up appearances” is usually a shedding sport.  If we develop our inside selves (at no monetary value), the urge to flaunt what we’ve got begins to vanish.  We are richer and much more attention-grabbing as individuals than as opponents within the rat race.


We all attempt to persuade others that we’re higher than we all know ourselves to be.  To make issues much more troublesome, we’re urged, because the saying goes, to “put our greatest foot ahead.”  But it isn’t straightforward to follow what we preach.  The apparent remedy for hypocrisy is being trustworthy with oneself and admitting that we should always not “placed on airs” that falsifies how we reside.  Rather, we should always reside in such a means that we will again up what we preach by having put it into follow.  Integrity, due to this fact, is the reply to hypocrisy.  People admire integrity and detest hypocrisy.  But our integrity is each troublesome to achieve and precarious when it’s attained.  The individual of integrity realizes that he should stay humble if he’s to retain his integrity.


Ambition differs from future.  Our ambitions might run counter to the future that God has assigned for us.  We can not learn the long run.  Therefore, our ambitions are sometimes based mostly on ignorance.  In addition, they’re concocted with solely the self in thoughts, and never the plan that God has in thoughts for us.  In Shakespeare’s Henry VIII, an bold, however embittered Cardinal Wolsey realizes the futility of his ambitions.  In a determined temper, he says:  “Had I however served my God with half the zeal I served my king, he wouldn’t in mine age have left me bare to mine enemies.”  His sin dropped at his consciousness one in all extra primordial significance.  He turns to Cromwell and says, “I cost thee, fling away ambition:  By that sin fell the angels.”  When we’re trustworthy to God, our future falls into place and turns into evident.  Whatever ambitions we’ve got are merely provisional.  God has our future pre-planned.

In abstract, we will set satisfaction apart by:  1) praising others quite than one’s self.  2) being extra attentive to our religious growth than to our accumulation of possessions.  3) ensuring that we follow what we preach.  4) permitting God to make our future manifest.  These are 4 sensible methods wherein we will dispel satisfaction and permit the realism of humility to take its place.  To be humble is to be who we’re.  To be proud is the hopeless try to reside a fictitious existence.  



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