Photos present battered face of Missouri mother viciously attacked by teen women

A Missouri mother was allegedly pummeled by a pair of 14-year-old women over schoolyard jealousy involving her daughter and a boy — with stunning images exhibiting the lady’s battered face.

Michelle Audo, 48, instructed The Post that she “doesn’t remember much” of the vicious May 14 assault, which left her with a concussion, a damaged nostril and two black eyes.

“It was pretty bad,” the mother of two mentioned.

“I don’t remember much after they took me to the ground, which is probably a good thing.”

Audo was at her Blue Springs dwelling along with her husband and two daughters when a automobile of teenagers rocked up and needed to struggle her youthful daughter, who’s 16.

The mother mentioned it was all as a result of her daughter was once mates with a boy who’s now courting one of many women.

“And so, these girls decided they didn’t like my daughter,” she instructed The Post.

The mom shared images of her accidents brought on by the teenager women, together with two black eyes.
Courtesy Michelle Audo
Michell Audo's injuries

The teenage women jumped Audo when she stepped outdoors to inform them to depart.
Courtesy Michelle Audo

Audo, who works as a senior industrial underwriter, mentioned at the least three women, probably 4, waited as much as half-hour within the white sedan earlier than she went outdoors to inform them to depart.

That’s when two of the women jumped out and pounced, she mentioned.

“They just hyped up and ready to fight someone,” recalled Audo, who continues to be recovering from her accidents weeks later.

“I thought I would just walk outside and tell them to leave and that they would leave. That did not happen.”

A Blue Springs police spokeswoman instructed The Post that one 14-year-old woman has been charged with easy assault and one other 14-year-old may additionally be charged within the alleged assault.

“We are investigating it and we have detectives on it,” spokeswoman Jennifer Brady mentioned. “Other than that, because of juveniles being involved, I’m not in a position to give out any other information.”

The assault came about at 11:30 p.m. and no weapons had been used, in accordance with a redacted incident report obtained by The Post.

Michelle Audo and her husband
“I don’t remember much after they took me to the ground,” Audo instructed The Post.
San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office

Investigators from the division’s Community Youth Outreach division are additionally wanting into the assault, Brady mentioned.

Blue Springs Police Chief Bob Muenz instructed the Kansas City Star a juvenile unit was assigned to the case, nevertheless it could possibly be moved as much as a household court docket and seem earlier than a choose attributable to Audo’s extreme accidents.

The mother mentioned she hopes the teenagers are given “consequences other than community service,” insisting that “their actions were significant.”

Audo was left with a concussion, a broken nose and two black eyes.
Audo was left with a concussion, a damaged nostril and two black eyes.
Courtesy Michelle Audo
Audo's black eyes
One of the youngsters has been charged with easy assault up to now.
Courtesy Michelle Audo

Audo additionally revealed that she’s now seeing a concussion specialist and wonders why the mother and father of her alleged attackers haven’t reached out to apologize.

“I’m doing much better, most of my bruising is all the way gone,” she instructed The Post.

“But I was extremely surprised that I never heard from a parent. Nothing. You know, if they would’ve at least acknowledged what they did and gave a sincere apology, then the media probably wouldn’t have needed to be involved. But the lack of any action on their behalf is telling.”



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