NYPD to put more cops on evening patrol to help stem shootings

The NYPD is putting more cops on patrol at night when nearly half of the gun violence occurs as part of the first phase of its summer violence prevention plan, a department official said.

“We are surging a lot more manpower,” Chief of Department Ken Corey said in a briefing Friday evening.

“All this is in addition [to the prior added patrols], we are not taking anything away,” he added.

The move comes ahead of Mayor Adams’ meeting with police precinct commanders on Saturday to discuss the surge in crime ahead of the historically bloody summer months.

As part of the new strategy starting Monday, the department is:

  • Moving all of the 350 Neighborhood Coordinating Officers onto evening shifts on patrol.
  • Having field intelligence officers on the streets to be the department’s “extra eyes and ears.”
  • Designating an inspector in each borough, two in the Bronx, to coordinate and deploy police resources to where the violence is happening or police intelligence believes it will happen
  • Assigning a cop to enforce traffic violations, such as unregistered cars or having bogus plates.
  • Having the three cars on the midnight shift start, three hours early to cover the shift change.
Chief of Department Ken Corey said that the new patrols are in addition to previously added patrols.

“That time of night when we are most thin, we are going to have a lot of coverage out there that we don’t normally have. Nearly half our shootings are happening between that five-hour window [of 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.,” Corey said.

The summer plan — dubbed “Summer 40” — will prioritize resources for the patrol boroughs where crime has been the worst by trying to keep the cops who know the areas in their commands instead of pulling for beach patrol or parades.

“Those are the highest crime areas we wanted to leave as many officers there as possible,” Corey said.


The NYPD will put all 350 Neighborhood Coordinating Officers onto the night shift.

The annual summer shifts at New York City beaches will instead be staffed by cops who are working behind a desk, “rather than pull officers from busy precincts,” the chief added.

The NYPD will also be partnering with the New York State Police to set up vehicle checkpoints in high-violence areas.

Corey says he believes that will help stop violence before it starts because “people who going out shooting aren’t caring about following traffic rules.”

The NYPD will attempt to keep cops in areas where crime is the highest and not pull them out for beach or parade patrol.
Christopher Sadowski

Additionally, the department is working with other city agencies to crack down on street crowds as well as code violations at nightclubs and other places where gun violence has broken out.

“By tightening up some of the enforcement and inspection there we can prevent things before they happen,” Corey said.



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