NYC garage manager sexually assaulted monthly patron: lawsuit

A Manhattan woman says a manager at her building’s garage sexually accosted her last November — and the company swept the incident under the rug, new court papers allege.

The woman – who is only identified as Jane Doe — claims on Nov. 12, 2021 she went to grab a key that the Enterprise Parking garage in her building was holding for her Range Rover parked in the lot, according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit from Thursday.

The woman — who lived at the West 37th Street Hudson Yards building for 10 years — asked manager Gerardo Batista to help her get the keys from the car, the suit claims.

Batista led her to the lower level where her car was and then proceeded to kiss her face, grope her breast under her shirt and rub his crotch against her butt, the filing alleges.

He also tried to put his hands down her pants, the court papers claim.

She told him to stop and began to shake “uncontrollably,” the court documents claim.

The victim says they were “emotionally distressed” from the incident.
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Batista responded: “Don’t you want this…Don’t you like me…What’s wrong baby… You’re not attracted to me?” the suit alleges.

The woman then “made her way back to her apartment where she broke down and took time to regain her composure after the heinous sexual assault committed by defendant Batista,” the suit charges.

Later, the company made her jump through hoops — including refusing to tell her the last name of her assailant — when she went through the arduous process of reporting the incident, the filing claims.

And ultimately on Dec. 9, 2021, she received an email from the company telling her they were “unable to conclude any wrongdoing…there is nothing further we can do as a company,” the suit claims.

The woman claims the company then retaliated against her by slapping her with “frivolous late parking garage fees” that forced her to cancel her membership with the garage, the suit alleges.

And she claims that Enterprise Parking did nothing to punish Batista, instead merely transferring him to another location, the filing claims.

“As a result of defendants’ actions, plaintiffs felt extremely humiliated, degraded, victimized, embarrassed and emotionally distressed,” the suit charges.

The woman’s lawyer Paul Liggieri told The Post he plans to seek the garage’s camera footage in the case.

Paul Liggieri

The victim’s lawyer, Paul Liggieri, said they will seek the parking garage’s security footage.
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“I want to know exactly why the investigation was completely botched,” Liggieri said. “I want to know why they didn’t want to interview my client and I think there are going to be a lot of questions that this company is going to have to answer.”

“If you’re entrusting your car to someone, what you don’t expect is a sexual assault,” the lawyer said. “And it’s a shame that this became the parking garage from hell for my client.”

“You trust them with your keys and you trust them with you car but you also trust that you are going to be safe,” Liggieri said.

A manager for the location declined to comment. Corporate didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

A number could not be found for Batista.



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