NYC Council simply offered out New York — to stay it to Mayor Adams

NYC Council simply offered out New York — to stay it to Mayor Adams

City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams simply offered out New York, sacrificing public security to humiliate Mayor Adams by muscling her members into overriding his How Many Stops Act veto, 42-9.

The regulation will waste valuable NYPD time filling out pointless forms describing every of seven million yearly interactions with the general public — when cops needs to be out defending New Yorkers and combating crime.

It’ll additionally imply increased police overtime costs and lower morale for the already besieged rank-and-file.

Yet the speaker pushed laborious for it anyway — appeasing the anti-police radicals by deliberately hobbling cops.

But, hey, she and her members bought to stay their thumbs within the mayor’s eye — one thing clearly extra vital (to them) than public security.

So add one other burden to probably the most minor of stops — cops attempting to find a lacking individual, or searching for somebody who may have helpful information a couple of crime.

What’s even the use of the information — the race, gender, age of these stopped, the rationale for interplay, and so forth.?

Filling out the shape will typically take longer than the cease itself.

The race-obsessed assume the info will present a “disproportionate” variety of blacks and Hispanics getting stopped, however how is merely asking individuals questions in any approach racist?

Especially when a disproportionate share of the town’s crime takes place in minority neighborhoods?

Yet the speaker didn’t care that her declare the invoice is about “transparency” was an enormous fats lie.

Nor consider what anyone else thought — cops, district attorneys, policing consultants, the mayor, constituents.  

The invoice will “hurt public security by creating pointless reporting necessities for our law enforcement officials” and “add yet one more pointless burden on prosecutors,” who’ll should disclose all that documentation “as a part of the invention course of,” warned District Attorneys Association of New York prez John Flynn.

It’ll have “officers losing time submitting reviews as a substitute of finishing up their duties,” pleaded Yanely Henriquez, who misplaced her 16-year-old daughter to violence in 2022.

No matter. The speaker merely relished the prospect to humiliate Hizzoner — the general public’s wants be damned.

She’s deemed a reasonable on the council, however there’s nothing reasonable about placing egocentric pleasure forward of your obligation to the general public.



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