Nuages Explores The Limitless Nature Of The Human Mind When Creating Art

Artist Hélène Le Chatelier’s “Missing Part” collection.

The limits of the inventive world are unbound, similar to the bounds of the huge skies are infinitely extra wide-reaching than our eyes can see. But extra engaging are the clouds, the ever-changing and numerous shapes that litter our blue or orange skies, holding us heat and protected against the ambiance past Earth.

It is also an age-old supply of inspiration that proves much more important in our present day and age. Beyond questioning what it means to dematerialise in a cloth world, clouds recall to mind the heavier notions of what local weather change has in retailer for humanity. They could or could not appear like the identical ethereal or brooding beings we understand them to be at present, however this dreamy but weighted subject has kindled a wealthy physique of labor that manifests within the Nuages exhibition introduced in collaboration between Marina Design Works, Olal Art and Clementine de Forton Gallery, at 63 Spotts Art Gallery.

Nuages organizers

Nuages’ organisers.

Featuring works by artists hailing from Europe and Asia, clouds are explored through an unlimited vary of mediums that embrace works of images, portray, perforated paper, acrylic installations and ceramic.

In some works, the cloud is consultant of freedom, a manifestation of reminiscence and creativity that’s explored merely through mild. Linette Cajou’s “Nuages Serie” is impressed by pareidolia, which is an inclination to impose that means — her work invite us to journey free in her creativeness, bringing us to internal and outer worlds between dream and actuality. Hélène Le Chatelier’s “Missing Part” alternatively explores how even the heaviest reminiscences may be made poetic and lightened, her meditative means of softening paper a part of the restful serenity that comes together with her paper sculptures.

Artist Linette Cajou’s “Le Nuage”.

In “Horizons Limited”, Mona Choo takes her long-term analysis on consciousness and develops a collection that explores the constraints of our three bodily dimensions, impressed by Platon allegory of the cave however creating with out a fastened finish product in thoughts. This provides strategy to limitless experimentation, which is why her multimedia works examine the elusive nature of actuality with such freedom.

From the left: Artist Liu Xuanqi’s “Clouds — Mao Zedong 2011” and “Clouds — Life is Beautiful Abraham Lincoln”.

However, there are works that additionally exist to have a good time the shape they’re in. Laur Meyrieux’s “Crumpled Papers” explores the fragility of paper, the normal strategy of shibori anchoring her textile experimentation with a sensitivity to the pure relationships Asian papers have with inks and pure powders. Mylène Viggers’ “Flamboyant Heavens” captures the great thing about sunsets in her
whimsical but real looking plein air work of the skies seen round Singapore, whereas Andy Yang’s “Whispering Winds” abstractly paints what clouds imply to him in his characteristically rhythmic and voluptuous strokes.

Artist Laur Meyrieux’s “Crumpled Papers”.

Clouds are additionally explored past the canvas. Yang Yong Liang’s “Imagined Landscapes” marks a breakthrough in his understanding of artwork beneath the impression of a pandemic yr, his calligraphic digital artwork showcasing a spot of heat devoid of the heaviness he had caught himself feeling from getting too snug in his sanctuary of his personal works. Liu Xuanqi’s fashionable graphic “Cloud” collection performs with the concept of permanence and the temporal, taking popular culture icons to relay the stress that arises on the crossroads of fast globalisation.

Artist Andy Yang’s “Whispering Winds”.

Nuages additionally showcases Charlotte de Charentenay’s “Clouds Ceramics”, impressed by the internal great thing about nature by means of recalling the types and movement of clouds, their weightlessness and fragile textures grounded and made alluring by the sensual feeling of modelling clay. Benjamin Deroche’s “Surnature – Memories” makes use of poetic images and floating “paper clouds” to problem the notion of area, the wildness of his grand landscapes and the temporality of his paper sculptures encouraging the viewer to isolate in contemplation and meditation — two religious processes that give him the flexibility to create.

Artist Benjamin Deroche’s “Surnature — Memories”.

Marina Design Works, Olal Art and Clementine de Forton Gallery are a part of the Totem Art Collective, a bunch of French and Chinese artwork consultants and gallerists in Singapore that want to foster extra worldwide artwork collaborations inside Asia. The Nuages exhibition is open till 25 September, at 63 Spotts Art Gallery.

On 15 September, the artwork gathering can be held at Spottswood Gallery and Art Porters Gallery with three exhibitions to find concurrently.

63 Spottiswoode Park Road, Singapore 088651

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