Nityananda Trayodasi – Appearance Day of Lord Nityananda

Nityananda Trayodasi – Appearance Day of Lord Nityananda

Lord Nityananda was born in Ekachakra, a small village within the Birbhum district of West Bengal, across the 12 months 1474. He was born to Hadai Ojha and his mom Padmavati. Nityananda Prabhu was born on the auspicious thirteenth day of the intense fortnight of Magha month. As a toddler, Nitai would like to enact the totally different pastimes of the Lord. So a lot in order that all the village can be immersed within the love of Godhead. Once whereas he performed the a part of Lakshman and remained unconscious as lengthy the kid who was taking part in the a part of Hanuman didn’t carry the medication as had occurred through the unique pastime throughout Lord Rama’s time.

He spent the primary 12 years of His life in Ekachakra. In the thirteenth 12 months, a touring sannyasi, well-known Lakshmipati Tirtha, requested Nitai from his dad and mom, as a touring companion. His father, though couldn’t refuse the request, was devastated by the separation with Nitai, and shortly gave up his life. Nitai traveled with Lakshmipati Tirtha for about 20 years, throughout which He visited all of the holy locations within the nation.

Śrī Caitanya-caritāmṛta
Adi 14.3

vrajendra-nandana yei, śacī-suta haila sei,
balarāma haila nitāi.

Lord Nityananda is non totally different from Lord Balaram. To battle with the onslaught of this materials power, we want religious power and due to this fact it’s advisable to hunt the shelter of Lord Nityananda which not solely supplies us power but additionally is extra soothing than one million moons. nitāi-pada-kamala koṭi-candra-suśītala. The materials nature is unceasingly tossing us, the one shelter is Lord Nityananda’s lotus toes. In this world filled with anxieties, His lotus toes are the one hope for peace.

Lord Nityananda is guru-tattva, the unique religious grasp. A bona fide religious grasp is the consultant of Lord Nityananda. By following the directions of a bona fide religious grasp, one pleases Lord Nityananda and thereby receives His blessings to make development on the trail of pure devotional service to Lord Gauranga.

Lord Nityananda is an embodiment of compassion. Thus having been hit by Madhai, He was contemplating find out how to ship them with pure love of Godhead. Lord Nityananda was instructed by Lord Caitanya to return again to Bengal and preach Krishna consciousness. He lived in Khardah, a spot close to Panihati, along with his two wives Vasudha and Jahnava, the daughters of Gauri Das Pandit. In the well-known Panihati Cida dahi mahotsav, Lord Nityananda may really feel and see the presence of Lord Caitanya sporting South Indian garlands. Lord Nityananda couldn’t tolerate Lord Caitanya’s taking sanyasa and residing like a mendicant, that after He broke the sannyasa danda of Lord Caitanya.

Lord Nityananda himself distributes the holy title out there of holy title based mostly on an individual’s religion.

Śrī Nāma Pracāra


(nitāi) nām eneche, nāmer hāṭe,
śraddhā-mūlye nām diteche re.

Only by the mercy of Lord Nityananda does one obtain the favor of Radha Krishna. heno nitāi bine bhāi, rādhā-kṛṣṇa pāite nāi. Nitāiyer koruṇā habe, braje rādhā-kṛṣṇa pabe, dharo nitāi-caraṇa du’khāni. If one takes shelter on the lotus toes of Lord Nityananda, one can get the mercy of Radha Krishna in Vraj. It is simply by His mercy that our materials attachment will probably be vanquished. Nitāi caraṇa satya, tāhāra sevaka nitya. Lord Nityananda’s lotus toes are everlasting and due to this fact one who takes shelter at His lotus toes turns into everlasting. Nitya means everlasting and Ananda means happiness. Thus by taking His shelter all one’s misery is vanquished. ha ha prabhu nityananda, premananda sukhi
kripabalokana koro ami boro dukhi.

On this auspicious event of Lord Nityananda’s look, we could search His blessings in order that empowers us with religious power, compassion, and enthusiasm to relish and distribute the holy title.



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