‘My Shadow is Pink’ is about gender identification

‘My Shadow is Pink’ is about gender identification

My Shadow is Pink by Scott Stuart is described by its publishers, Larrikin House, as a guide about “gender identification, self-acceptance, equality and variety”.

Christian mother and father, Stephen Evans, and his spouse Joanne withdrew their four-year-old baby from a lesson for World Book Day the place the guide My Shadow is Pink, by Scott Stuart was going for use.

You can watch My Shadow is Pink being learn aloud online here. Any Christian mother or father would have issues about this guide being learn to their four-year-old baby. The guide may be very clearly selling transgender ideology. In this guide, the concept you could have an identification that doesn’t match along with your physique is portrayed by means of the idea of a ‘shadow’ which everybody has, and which expresses the individual’s true identification.

The boy within the guide has a ‘shadow’ which is pink, in distinction with the ‘blue shadows’ of different male figures within the guide, particularly his dad and his brothers. We are informed that the boy’s ‘shadow’ loves “issues not for boys”. In specific, “there’s one factor it loves most, I’ve discovered it loves sporting attire, and dancing round.”

The boy places on a gown to go to highschool, and is upset at not becoming in. After this, his dad seems sporting a gown and says to the boy: “Your shadow is pink, I see now it is true. It’s not only a shadow, it is your innermost you.”

This sentence promotes the cornerstone basis of transgender ideology. The thought that individuals have an ‘innermost identification’ which is the true them, and which could be fully impartial of the physique.

His dad later says: “Your shadow is you, and pink will probably be. So, arise along with your shadow and yell: ‘This is me!'”

He concludes: “So placed on that gown and get again to highschool. If somebody wont such as you then they’re the idiot.”

The college has argued in a letter to the mother and father that “the first focus of the story will not be gender identification.” It argues that, “The boy within the story would not change gender, neither is there any reference to him desirous to.”

This is a unprecedented declare on condition that the boy is inspired to establish together with his ‘shadow’ and put on a gown to highschool as if he’s a woman.

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Chelmsford has also said that the theme of the varsity’s World Book Day “was stereotypes and never, as has been advised, gender identification.” Certainly gender stereotypes are mentioned within the guide, and arguably they’re promoted with the ideas of blue and pink ‘shadows’, and issues that boys want and that ladies want. We are informed that the boy’s shadow loves “issues not for boys” which solely serves to bolster gender stereotypes.

While the varsity and the diocese could try and deny that the guide is about gender identification, the writer unashamedly states that that is what it’s about. The description of the book on Amazon states unequivocally that the story “touches on the topics of gender identification, equality and variety.” It is clearly the intention of the writer that this guide promotes the idea of individuals having a gender identification in a manner that’s accessible for very younger youngsters.

Indeed, the author put a video on TikTok by which he explains that his son needed to decorate as Elsa to go to the cinema, and Stuart informed him “There is not any manner you are doing that … alone.” The video then exhibits a younger boy sporting a gown, accompanied by his father additionally sporting a gown. This video has had over 22 million views on the time of writing.

The revered marketing campaign group Transgender Trend lists My Shadow is Pink as “Among the books which promote the concept that altering look by means of reverse intercourse garments and hair size adjustments natal intercourse.”

An on-line review of the book concludes: “This is the proper solution to finish a guide about gender identification in a world the place trans rights are clearly nonetheless very a lot needing to be fought for.” Another describes it as: “A heart-warming guide about parenting a gender various baby.”

Do the varsity and the diocese actually consider that this guide will not be about gender identification? Have they learn the writer’s description of the guide? Have they seen how it’s reviewed and obtained? Do they know that the writer himself inspired his son to put on a gown and joined him in doing so?

I’m happy, in a manner, that the varsity and the diocese go to some lengths to disclaim that this guide is about gender identification. This exhibits that they know that it’s unsuitable to advertise transgender ideology to very younger youngsters. Their denials don’t stand as much as the minimal of scrutiny. What stays now’s for them to apologise and promise to make sure that impressionable younger youngsters will not be taught materials selling transgender ideology.

Tim Dieppe is co-author with Beth Peltola of Questions to Ask Your Muslim Friends, printed by Wilberforce Publications, 2022.



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