‘Man of Steal’ proves you possibly can’t supply perps carrots with out sticks

New York’s disastrous strategy to felony justice has fueled crime and put the general public in danger, but it’s additionally damage the very individuals it’s meant to assist: perps. For proof, look no additional than at Isaac Rodriguez, a ok a the “Man of Steal.”

As The Post’s Griffin Kelly stories in an eye-opening interview, Rodriguez — who was lastly locked up in January after a mind-blowing 46 shoplifting arrests — truly credit jail with saving his life.

“This is a blessing in disguise. I know that I wasn’t going to be sober if I was still out there,” Rodriguez admitted. “I would’ve died sooner or later.”

The 23-year-old thief had been raiding retailer after retailer, filling luggage with merchandise after which promoting it on the road or to pawn outlets for drug cash. Yet he walked repeatedly after being nabbed, which solely emboldened him. Sir Isaac Lootin’ even brags that, regardless of 46 arrests, he “got away” with “a lot more” thefts than that.

Backers of the reforms — such because the 2019 bail-law “fix” that lets perps stroll free with no have to put up bail — argue that incarceration “criminalizes” poverty, that individuals steal solely as a result of they’re too poor to pay for necessities. Rodriguez proves that tragically wrongheaded: Not solely was he stealing to get drug money, he solely received clear after dropping his freedom.

Isaac Rodriguez, a.ok.a. the “Man of Steal,” was arrested for shoplifting 26 instances.

“Stealing was the only way I knew to get money fast to tend to my habit,” he says. Now, after months behind bars, he says he’s a “changed man”: He’ll get his GED diploma and forswear crime after his launch in seven months.

If progressives actually wish to assist steer criminals and addicts towards self-sustaining existence, they shouldn’t be pushing to free those that commit crimes, no questions requested, however for jail phrases — particularly those who embody rehab and different packages to assist convicts flip their lives round. You can’t supply carrots with no sticks.

On Monday, Mayor Eric Adams blasted New York’s criminal-justice system as a “laughingstock,” noting that “bad guys” now not take legal guidelines “seriously.” He was fuming over the countless shootings which have wreaked havoc and claimed lives, as lenient judges and prosecutors proceed to free perps.

As Rodriguez’s case reveals, jailing them as a substitute can’t solely restrict crime but in addition get criminals on a greater path. It’s a win-win that progressives refuse to see.



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