Lightyear Post-Credits Scene Will Surprise You

All of which makes the film’s post-credits scene a little bit of a shock…

The Lightyear Post-Credits Scene

Yes, Lightyear has a post-credits second. Or mid-credits if we wish to get technical. But quite than arrange a sequel or tease the potential return of “Zurg,” Buzz Lightyear’s best nemesis who barely had time to make impression on this film, Lightyear makes use of its mid-credits second to name again an previous joke.

In case you don’t recall, earlier within the film throughout Buzz Lightyear’s “Interstellar” montage, the hero has failed in his newest try to attain hyperspeed for the umpteenth time. Once once more this has price him years of residing amongst his group. When he returns to the house colony, he learns that his finest buddy and C.O. Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba) has handed away, and he or she’s been changed by a brand new era of management who can not keep in mind a life off of this rock. Hence why the brand new Commander Burnside (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) shrugs off Buzz’s dedication for attaining hyperspeed and main this colony off-world. Instead Burnside is content material with the brand new know-how they’ve developed on their very own by way of the “laser defend.”

As Burnside explains it, at any time when a menace on this hostile world rears its head, the colony will merely activate a laser dome that can forged a large bubble over their group, defending them from menace. It truthfully looks as if a short-term and shortsighted resolution, nevertheless Lightyear in the end commends it. Because when Buzz returns once more to this world after attaining hyperspeed, he discovers the laser defend is up and evil alien robots obeying Zurg can not get in.

When Zurg is lastly defeated, and Burnside and this group can decrease the defend, he and Buzz come to an understanding: the house colony will keep right here and Buzz will lead their new Star Command into the heavens. It’s an odd selection however units up the cheeky mid-credits scene.

Indeed, halfway via the credit we come again to Commander Burnside who’s having fun with what seems to be a pleasant mid afternoon tea, snack, and nap. Outside his window, the laser dome is up and a bug desiring to pester him flies straight into it, vaporizing itself straight away.



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