Lightyear Ending Explained

How does Buzz Defeat Zurg?

While Buzz has been listening to Old Buzz out, Izzy, Sox, Mo and Darby sneak aboard Zurg’s vessel and launch a counterattack to rescue Young Buzz. The latter snatches again the hyperspace gasoline crystal from his future self and a fierce chase and struggle begins, ending with the destruction of Old Buzz/Zurg’s ship.

The latter, nevertheless, escapes, and the one manner for Our Buzz to cease Old Buzz from sabotaging the staff’s personal vessel is to jettison the remaining hyperspace gasoline, seemingly killing Old Buzz however permitting Young Buzz’s ship to land safely again on Tikana.

Buzz and his staff are welcomed again as heroes by Commander Burnside, who gives Buzz a brand new job as area ranger and permits him to maintain his now-seasoned staff as his crew. Buzz, lastly freed from his guilt and his obsession with getting again to Earth, accepts the colony’s life on Tikana and accepts the mission… heading out to “infinity and past” on a brand new mission of exploration because the credit roll.

Lightyear is all about recognizing the results of 1’s decisions, adapting to new circumstances in life, and accepting one’s personal limitations and adjusting expectations, a journey into, paradoxically, inside area that Buzz efficiently completes.

Will there be a sequel?

After two jokey, throwaway mid-credits scenes, the very very last thing we see on the finish of the film (even after the Pixar emblem!) is Old Buzz floating lifelessly in area in his Zurg go well with, which immediately powers again up. It stands to motive, in fact, that if Lightyear was a success in its universe, then sequels should exist too.

“I feel there have been three sequels, however one was carried out by one other firm due to a leveraged buyout,” jokes MacLane. “And they bought one other actor to do it, like a George Lazenby kind of thing. I think about it to be just about like the best way the Star Wars factor works the place there was the Star Wars trilogy, then two Ewok adventures, then the Droids cartoon then the Ewoks cartoon. It was these droids and Ewoks cartoons that spawned the Buzz Lightyear we all know. That’s the best way I considered it.”



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