Liberal media say we should always cease masking crime, as a result of it’s hurting Dems

The liberal media instantly cares about crime. Oh, not the staggering toll on companies and high quality of life, and even the loss of life. No, they’re upset that “fear-mongering” hurt Democrats in the midterm elections.

And for that, they blame the New York Post.

NYC Media Might Have Cost Democrats the House,” laments New York journal.

New York’s Seismic Tilt Toward the GOP,” the New York Times claims, was attributable to “doomsday-style adverts” and “fixed media headlines.”

Fact is, it was New York Democrats who price Democrats the House, by pushing a flagrantly unlawful gerrymandered election map, which, after being overturned by a judge, led to a extra stage congressional enjoying subject. Add in an unintentional governor extra fascinated with elevating cash than debating concepts, and a spirited marketing campaign by Republican challenger Lee Zeldin and, effectively, right here we’re.

But setting that apart, let’s take into account their arguments — seven myths they push to assert that voters have been “fooled”:


“Incidents of main crimes are larger in New York City and Nassau County than earlier than the pandemic, although they continue to be effectively under ranges seen in latest a long time,” the Times notes.

“Decades” is a reasonably obscure time period. Crime charges for 2021-22 have reversed a constant decline in shootings and homicides because the mid-Nineties, in addition to drops in different index crimes.

Newsweek had to go back 32 years to attempt to make a degree about comparative security — juxtaposing 2022 with 1990. And sure, in 1990 there have been 2,245 homicides. In 2021, there have been 485. So far this 12 months, 391. But are we actually evaluating the worst 12 months for crime in trendy New York City historical past as a solution to make folks really feel higher? Overall crime is up 30% from final 12 months. The common New Yorker doesn’t wish to see how dangerous issues can get.


After training activist Yiatin Chu tweeted that she “Paid $2.75 to be in a subway automotive with a loud and aggressive man threatening to hit his feminine accomplice. Switched automobiles at subsequent cease to be in a public bathroom / urine-odor, crowded automotive for the remainder of my experience,” the Times’ Nikole Hannah-Jones replied, “Yes, sure. This was completely unheard on subways till two years in the past.”

Maybe not exceptional, however definitely extra uncommon. There was an incredible deal with enhancing the streets and subways beneath Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg … and sure, even Bill de Blasio. Because regardless of his absentee mayoralty, he understood that none of his socialist pipe desires have been potential if folks didn’t really feel secure. So he stored the proactive policing of Bill Bratton and his acolytes.

To the identical level, the Times claimed that The Post “Splash[ed] violent crimes throughout its entrance web page, nevertheless uncommon they might nonetheless be.”

But we don’t run tales about random pickpockets on the entrance web page; there have been a lot of latest crimes which have shocked the conscience. Here are a few of the incidents that we lined previously few months:

  • A 61-year-old FDNY lieutenant, a 24-year veteran of the power on her solution to lunch, was randomly stabbed to death in a frenzy by a madman.
  • Eight harmless bystanders have been shot in one month, together with a 16-year-old woman and a 70-year-old grandma. All of them are black, a lot of them girls.
  • A Hispanic lady was brutally overwhelmed, randomly, in a subway station by a homeless ex-con to the purpose the place she might lose an eye. “I don’t give a s–t,” stated Waheed Foster, the person who did it, and who additionally beat his foster grandmother to loss of life. “So what?”
  • A shoplifter was arrested 101 times — and let go virtually each time due to bail “reforms.”

We lined different information throughout these months. The Queen died. We’re certain the Kardashians did one thing. But in accordance with Democratic activists and their media handmaidens, the truth that we determined these soul-crushing incidents have been information was, to cite New York journal, “hyp[ing] rising crime to an unreasonable diploma.”

We imagine that others have abdicated their accountability to the general public.


“The murder spike didn’t attain into prosperous enclaves of Westchester or Long Island; however the New York Post did,” says New York journal’s report.

This ignores a number of points. First, a very good proportion of these voters commute into the town, avoiding the significantly mentally unwell camped out in Penn Station or Grand Central. Or they might wish to come into the town, to see a Broadway present, eat in a pleasant restaurant. At least they used to.

But most significantly, does that imply that they shouldn’t fear for the situation of their state general? It is black and Hispanic New York City residents who bear the brunt of nearly all of crimes. Progressives say white suburbanites are racist to fret about crime, however wouldn’t it’s racist to not care in regards to the victims?


Returning once more to the “Well, it ain’t Mogadishu” argument, New York journal writes, “New York’s homicide charge stays lower than one-fifth as excessive because it was within the early Nineties. By distinction, Philadelphia’s murder charge is at an all-time excessive.”

Michelle Go was killed after being pushed onto the subway tracks at Times Square by a homeless man earlier this 12 months.

Well, thank goodness we don’t stay in Philly.

But what so many of those experiences ignore is that this isn’t about pure statistics.

Michelle Go was a 40-year-old lady standing on the platform at Times Square in early 2022 when a deranged homeless man shoved her in front of a subway train, killing her. On paper, that’s one murder. In actuality, it’s a terrifying message to the subway riders of the town. Not to say Asian Americans, who witnessed a 100% increase in hate crimes previously two years.

In Newsweek’s comparability of 1990 and 2022, it quotes former Gov. David Paterson, a Democrat, who throws chilly water on reporting crime by pure numbers. “For the primary time in my life, even within the late ’80s and ’90s when the crime charge was killing 2,000 folks a 12 months, I by no means felt as unsafe as I do now simply strolling round,” Paterson informed the WABC radio present “The Cats Roundtable.”


Liberal pundits declare The Post solely began highlighting crime in an “alarmist” trend to assist Republicans. Sadly, these kinds of incidents have been making information for greater than two years — because the pandemic and the passage of the no-bail legal guidelines.

In July 2020, we ran the heartbreaking funeral of a 1-year-old, gunned down in gang violence. In February 2021, we ran a narrative a couple of lady shoved onto the subway tracks on the entrance web page; a month later, a bit in regards to the increase in hate crimes in opposition to Asian Americans.

The Post's coverage of the funeral of 1-year-old Davell Gardner after the toddler was killed in a gang shooting.

The Post’s protection of the funeral of 1-year-old Davell Gardner after the tot was killed in a gang taking pictures.

Nothing has modified. Including the indifference of Albany legislators


This week, The Post featured a person who was arrested 33 times for shoplifting, a lot of them on the similar Duane Reade. Chronic shoplifting has exploded previously two years, and the bail “reforms” imply they’re normally freed to rob once more — and face little or no time in jail.

Wilfredio Ocasio has been busted for shoplifting 33 times since August.
Wilfredio Ocasio has been busted for shoplifting 33 instances since August.

Progressives body this as “against the law of poverty” and are dismissive of company chains, telling them to simply take the loss.

But small companies, family-owned companies, immigrant-owned companies — these are enterprises that may’t simply take up the prices. We’ve seen it in Portland, the place clothier Rains PDX shut down after 15 break-ins. And even if you’re a big company retailer like Duane Reade or Starbucks, how lengthy earlier than the hazard to your workers or the losses to theft change into too nice to bear? Branches have already got closed within the metropolis. When there are not any penalties, shoplifters will change into extra brazen. And three guesses what neighborhoods these corporations pull out of first, a vicious cycle that results in much more decay.

These aren’t crimes of poverty. These are profession criminals fencing magnificence merchandise, more likely to feed a drug behavior. By coddling them, you’re destroying neighborhoods.


When Democrats and the media aren’t blaming The Post, they’re pointing the finger at Mayor Eric Adams, who “put crime on the heart of his marketing campaign final 12 months, thereby establishing a bipartisan consensus that New York was experiencing a disaster of public security,” New York journal stated.

“Establishing.” You imply recognizing precisely what was taking place? Adams gained the race as a result of he understood the second. And we’re heartened that this week he introduced a plan to deal with the homeless mentally unwell, even when they have to be compelled into psychiatric beds to get higher. Because letting an individual who isn’t of their proper thoughts simply stay on the streets or within the subway is the alternative of compassion.

New York magazine blamed Mayor Eric Adams' tough stance on crime for "establishing a bipartisan consensus" that the city is going through a public safety crisis.
New York journal blamed Mayor Eric Adams’ robust stance on crime throughout his marketing campaign for “establishing a bipartisan consensus” that NYC goes via a public security disaster.
Paul Martinka

Democrats had a better-than-expected midterms nationally, holding onto the Senate and flipping some state legislatures.

They are sore as a result of they misplaced the House by a slim margin, thanks largely to GOP positive factors in New York state.

But any evaluation as to why should transcend slogans and take a look at the substance. It wasn’t the protection of crime that misplaced the midterms, it was crime itself.

Stop blaming the messenger. Fix the issue.



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